Writing a blog post is much more than a few words

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Writing a blog post is just putting down words and placing them online? Writing a blog post is really so much more!

Are you someone who wants to start blogging? And do you think that writing a blog post is only what words are put down and posting online? Or are you someone who thinks writing a blog post is difficult? No matter how you turn it, everyone can write a blog post.

But did you know that writing a blog post is much more than just putting down words and placing them online? Today I want to take you all you can when it comes to writing a blog post!

Write your blog post

In a blog post, you can very well lose your egg. No not just to grumble about something 😉 Maybe you have discovered something that evokes certain feelings.

Here you can write about. Writing about your feelings can help to make yourself clear in your head. And in addition, visitors may also recognize certain feelings. And with your tips back on track.

Now it is true that it is not possible with every blogger. If you have a business, it is important that you are and remain professional. But you can, for example, deal with a particular problem you have encountered. And tell what it has done to you, and of course also provide the solution. Then you show that you did not go through a problem in pockets and ashes. No, you show what you have done to get something positive from these negative feelings/ thoughts/actions.

Write your blog post your opinion

In any sector you are writing a blog post is a great option to share your opinion about something with your visitors. You hear and see a lot of things around you. Let me not yet talk about the news, because what do you see and hear a lot.

A subject that is perhaps completely discussed, you also form your own opinion. And it is certainly not wrong to also pay attention to your own website, webshop or blog site. Please note, however, that when you write a blog post in which you are going to express your opinion that it will not be some kind of tirade. In most cases, visitors are not really waiting for an outlet in which you only share your frustrations. So make sure that you are mainly informative and that you write a blog post in which you make a click with your visitor.

Writing a blog post where you are going to give your own opinion can be scary. Because you will have to deal with visitors who can also find themselves here, but on the other hand also visitors who do not agree with this.

So think in advance what you want to achieve with a blog post in which you give your opinion. On the other hand, it is also important that you consider how you deal with negative reactions that you can certainly provoke.

Write the blog post sharing your passion

What could be better than writing a blog post in which you share your passion ?! I have a tremendous passion for writing blog posts. And I am really excited about this. I would, therefore, prefer to share this with you every day. Now it is true that I do not have time to blog every day. But when I do, I am really busy with this.

By writing a blog post in which you share your passion, you soon notice that writing will also be much easier. Not surprising, because you know a lot about this subject (s) and can talk about it for hours. So why not write a blog post about your own passion ?!

Write blog post share your knowledge

Writing a blog post is also the option to share your own knowledge with your visitors. What have you learned and what is useful for your visitors? What should they do and what should they not do?

In recent years I have gained a lot of knowledge in writing blog posts. I found out what you better and better cannot do. And I want to share that with you. Because when you start blogging for the first time, you want to get the best out of your blog posts.

By sharing your knowledge you can help visitors with a question or answer. What I like so much is that when I can share the knowledge I have gained that I do not know if it will help you. But there can be another person who has a lot to do with this.

Write a blog post for your visitor

One of the things I often hear is that people who start blogging do this to score as fast and as high as possible within Google or another search engine.

It is certainly good to take this into account. Because the higher you rank the more visitors you get on your website, webshop or blog site. But this is something that absolutely must not be about.

No, you write a blog post in the first place for your visitor!

Can not you work on the SEO right now? Of course, this is possible. By using keywords in your blog post. Please note, however, that you are not going to use it for this purpose. Because Google also sees this. The chance that your blog post is also very annoying to read, you will also lose visitors.

Find a combination of writing a blog post for your visitor and the SEO of your website, webshop or blog site. What else is important is that you do not make too much use of difficult words. Which you already know as a pro and your visitor who is looking for answers are not.

Write a blog post with your visitor

You write a blog post for your visitor. That I wrote above. Because you move around in your visitor and therefore start blogging, you can build a relationship with your visitor.

Trust ensures that you get followers. And these followers can also become customers again in the future. Especially if you have a business you want to get customers. But that is not possible without first building a bond with your visitor.

Yes, I know that this can go slowly. And I’m not going to lie there either. Because I can make you happy with a dead sparrow, but that is not fair to you either. Because unfortunately, this does not go from one to the other day. Sometimes it can take months or years. Especially if you are dealing with a killing competition within your industry. But true patience is a good thing and this will ultimately pay off.


Writing a blog post is therefore not just putting down words and placing them. No, it is much more than that.

You can share your passion, build a relationship with your visitor through which you can get customers, you can write your own opinion and there is so much more.

Make sure that the blog posts you write are unique and above all valuable. Both for your visitors and for the SEO!

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