What is NPU and how does it work?

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You will definitely want to know what the NPU how many people work and how it has been used in it, many of you might not know anything. There is no sorrow in this because this microprocessor is very new in its line. Only a few companies have used it. As our world is progressing in the field of technology, innovation and innovative technologies are being invented. He does not say ” Necessity is the mother of Invention “. It means that we need humans to search for new things. Similarly, in the world of Data Processing, continuous efforts to increase speed, new processing units are made. It could easily and accurately accomplish this task.

As far as technology is concerned, more research is being done just above Fully Automation. Many industries and companies are right to get their jobs done with machines instead of people. This makes them very soon, gets into less money, and along with it, there is no equal chance of mistakes. The technology used to do this work is called Artificial Intelligence. Where machines are given artificial intelligence, which by itself, with the help of their intelligence, accomplishes many tasks.

It is often seen that for this type of technology complex machine learning algorithms are needed to operate properly. These algorithms need a good microprocessor to run as soon as possible, to increase their processing power. And Neural Processing Units are used to do this. Now you must have understood something or something that we are going to talk about today. Then let’s start without delay and know what ultimately this NPU is and where it is brought to use.

What is NPU

The full form of NPU is Neural Processing Unit. It is also called the neural processor. This is a special way of a microprocessor which has been designed to help accelerate the machine learning algorithms. For this purpose, it operates on predictive models such as artificial neural networks (ANNs) or random forests (RFs).

Many times NPUs are also known by many names such as tensor processing unit (TPU), neural network processor (NNP), intelligence processing unit (IPU), vision processing unit (VPU) and Graphics processing unit (GPU)…

What is the Neural Network?

This is a device or software program in which many interconnected elements are processed by information simultaneously and with it, they adapting and learning about past patterns accordingly.

List of machine learning processors

Designer NPU
Alibaba Ali-NPU
Baidu Kunlun
Bitmain Sophon
Cambrian MLU
Google TPU
Graphcore IPU
Intel NNP Myriad EyeQ
Nvidia Time

What is this Neural Network Processing?

If we talk about any consumer electronics then you will feel the resonance of AI. Where the marketing team used to do much of this term, when we mention AI ( Artificial Intelligence ), then we are talking about Machine Learning specifically. Most of the technologies, such as the Silicon IPs, which have been used in the speciality hardware block, have been optimized specifically to allow convolutional neural networks (CNN) to run smoothly. One thing has already been made that Neural Networks is used mainly to increase speed and accuracy.

There are mainly two aspects of running Neural Networks:

First of all, you should have a trained model that holds the actual information and who describes the data that will run later in that model. The training processor of these models is intensive – not only will it have to do a lot of work to do it, rather it needs a greater level of precision to do it, compared to the execution of those models. It helps us to understand that a powerful neural network training requires more powerful and complex hardware compared to executing neural networks. And in particular, these models of bulk are trained by high-performance hardware, such as server-class GPUs and special hardware such as Google’s CPUs are used on the server in the cloud.

The second aspect Neural Network (NN) is that execution of these models If we talk about these completed models, then feeding them with new data, and generating results that they perceive in the model. Process in which the execution of the neural network model gives them to input data so that you get an output result, such process is called inferencing. There is not only conceptual differences in training and interfacing but compute requirements are also different. Even if its name is a highly parallel computer, but still it can be done with low precision computations and for timely execution, the performance of the overall amount does not make much difference even when it falls.

Why the NPU was brought?

We already had this goal as to how we can locally inferencing the neural network and run locally on one of the edge devices, for which we have to run this implementation on a number of different processing blocks devices such as a smartphone. CPUsGPUs and even DSPs are all capable of running inferencing tasks, but they have too much performance differences. Where General purpose CPU s brought in very little use for such things because they have not been designed by worrying about the massively parallelised execution in mind. At the same time, GPUs and DSPs are a better option but still, they still have more work to do. Specifically, despite this processor, a new class processing accelerator called NPU was brought to use.

Since these new IP blocks are still new to the industry, so even a common nomenclature has not been provided to it. HiSilicon / Huawei named it NPU / neural processing unit, however, Apple has publicly called it NE / neural engine.

Where have these NPUs been used?

As we know, Artificial intelligence is now becoming available on our phone too. If we talk about their practical use, the Neural Engine in the new iPhone X is part of its A11 Bionic chip; There is also a Neural Processing Unit or NPU in Huawei Kiri 970 chip; And with this, a secret AI-powered imaging chip has been activated in Pixel 2.

Why are these Next-gen chips designed?

Now the question is, what is the purpose of these new one’s gen chips? As mobile chipsets are gradually becoming smaller and more sophisticated with it, and they are doing too much work with it, properly say jobs for many different types of jobs. It has been noticed that integrated graphics-GPUs are now being set up with the CPU in the heart of any high-end smartphones. With this, all these heavy liftings are done by visuals, so that the main processor has to work a bit less and they spend more time in other work.

These new species of AI chips are becoming even smarter and are able to easily handle many types of complex tasks easily.

What is the NPU competing with GPU?

Even though this term has been used in many marketers and media, the definition of the neural processing unit (NPU) is still imprecise and immature. According to David Schatsky, who is managing director of Deloitte LLP, according to him, no single definition of NPU is yet to be missed. According to them, “This is a processor architecture that has been designed to make machine learning more efficient – makes it faster and consumes less power”.

Additionally, new processor architectures that attach to terms such as neural processing unit have proved to be more useful when dealing with AI algorithms as both training and running neural networks are computationally very demanding. CPUs, which perform mathematical calculations sequentially, are all ill-equipped to handle such demands efficiently.

This is a great opportunity for graphics processing units (GPUs), chips that use parallel processing to perform quick mathematical calculations. Since the GPU is alone in this field and only two companies are Nvidia and AMD which are dominating the entire market. Here all semiconductor vendors are looking for such an opportunity to launch an NPU which can compete these GPUs.

So what are these Neural Processing Unit?

To differentiate between Nvidia and AMD here, many companies use some such combination of “any combination of ‘N’, ‘P’ and ‘U’ by which they can qualify that these chips are targeted to AI algorithms. To execute and compete against the GPU, who are already being used in this sector of the market.

In this competition, many big companies such as Wireless technology vendors Qualcomm, Huawei Technologies and Apple are the main ones. And all of them use NPU or some variation to describe their latest tech. Where Huawei’s Kirin uses 970 chips, the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 mobile platform also uses a neural processing engine at the same time as a neural processing unit. And the second and Apple A11 Bionic processor, which is a neural engine that runs machine learning algorithms.

Apart from this, another confusion is also sitting in the minds of many. In comparison to a GPU or CPU, a neural processing unit or neural engine does not refer to any standardized hardware or any specific AI function. Rather, according to the analysts, this is their ability which processes the data in parallel and there are some commonalities that combine these terms together.

Why do we need these AI chips?

The main reason for using these AI chips is that they can see the regular CPU that you can see in phones, laptops, and desktops, they can not fulfil the machine learning demands right now, and they use Current problems such as slow service and the fast-draining battery can be removed from the root. Apart from being parallel processing, we can do multi-tasking in our device. It can also use large games or video software that used to be a bigger muscle before working together. Calculation speed of device, processing speed increases to a great extent.

So do you also need to put this AI Chip in your phone?

No, it is not necessary. Because such many tasks are capable of our devices themselves. But if you are a power user then you do not need to think more about it otherwise.

In both Huawei and Apple cases, the main application to use this new hardware is to improve these phones. Whereas it was used only in Huawei because it wanted to test Mate 10’s performance, wanted to record its working method. That’s why in Apple, two new features which have been used to power the face ID and animoji.

Apart from this, if there are new features in your phone that require a lot of computational power in order to operate, processing speed is required and it requires a better battery then you need these AI chips.

I have the full hope that I am the people of NPU and how does this work? I hope you have understood the What is NPU. I am convinced of all the readers that you too share this information with your neighbours, relatives, your friends so that we will be aware of our interactions and will all benefit from it. I need people’s support from you so that I can bring you even more new information.

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