What Is Google Play Services? Why Do You Need It?

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Being an Android user, we all must have seen the Google Play Store in our Android Phone, but have you ever tried to know what it is Google Play Services, how it works and this is for our phones Why is it necessary? It is often seen when a user installs a new game or app because they need a lot of Google Play Services to run new games on android mobile. If you have Google Play services in your mobile, you may have to update it and if necessary you have to install it properly.

Actually, these Google Play services are not an Android App, but they are a big package of APIs that are closely linked with the Android system. This ensures that at least apps depend on Android Os to run themselves. Next, in this article, Google Play Services is what we will learn more about it. So today I thought why you should give people full information about Google Play services so that you have complete knowledge about it. So let’s begin without delay.

What is Google Play Services

Speaking of Google Play Services, people often start to understand an android app, but in reality, this is not an Android App. And when you want to open it, it does not open, but like apps. But this by default is installed in all Android devices. It requires regular updates from time to time, it also requires many permissions, which you can be impressed by seeing. Such as access and control over the SMS, access to sensitive log data, access to all information about Google apps; And this list goes on like this.

Put it in short, Google Play Services is a type of app that is closely linked to the Android system. These APIs are a package (things that help programmers and allow apps to communicate easily with each other), which ensures that very few apps run Android Be dependent on OS updates.

What does Google Play Services work?

You can consider Google Play Services as a minor smartphone revolution. Google Maps for example: When Google Play Services was not there, this app was updated only when the Android OS was updated. We know that these slow carriers and manufacturers work very slowly when it comes to Update Rool out. It does not have to wait for Google Maps updates yet, but it can be done automatically because of Google Play services.

Google Play Services, therefore, helps to upgrade apps without updating Android to the latest version. Not all apps have been included in this, but mainly Google’s home-brewed apps (like Gmail, Google+, Google Play, etc.).

The right use of this Google Play Service can take advantage of all Android versions that are up to 2.2. It is in a way fencing in fragmentation that ensures that all users can enjoy Android.

Android System has seen significant changes since Android 4.3 and it has changed with each new Android updates, especially after the arrival of Lollipop and Marshmallow. Now Google Play services have become a very essential part of the Android ecosystem.

Can Google Play Services Be Disable?

There was a time it could easily be disabled easily. But the point is just different because most Google Apps use Google Play services to run smoothly. But you can also disable this service if you want, because now the smartphone can also run without any Google apps and services, using custom ROMs such as LineageOS.

Why does Google Play Services Consume Battery?

Generally speaking, Google Play Services consumes a very low amount of battery, which has only a few percentage points. But in some cases, t has also been seen that Google Services has consumed a lot of batteries only after the new Android OS update. The biggest reason for this is due to the incompatibility issue between your new Android version and Google Play Services.

There are some quickest solutions to solve these issues:

1. Remove Updates to the app (Settings> Applications> All> Google Play Services> three dots menu> Uninstall updates) . You can also go directly to Settings> Security> Device Administrators and disable Android Device Manager first.

2. In addition, you can disable synchronization of Google Data (Settings> Accounts here, you have to press the menu button (three dots) and disable the Auto-sync data).

How to read Notification in Google Play Service

Or is very easy. As I have already mentioned, Google Play Service is an app that runs in the background. If you smoke its User Interface (UI) then you will not get this. Whenever there is a new version of the app you downloaded, you see it in the notification form. If you have removed those notifications by mistake, then you can see them like this.

First, you have to open the Google Play Store in your Android mobile. When you press the menu given in the left side you will see the option of “My notifications” there. By going in, you will be able to read all your Play Service notifications.

How to Troubleshoot Issues of Google Play Services?

As an Android user, we may have to face many issues from Google Play Services. The biggest problem common is to get an error message that has stopped your Google Play services, they often get more from an app or game crash or failure to load.

In such a case, you just need to clear the cache of your android phone, going to the setting menu.

1. Open the Settings menu in your phone first.
2. Tap Apps
3. Tap Google Play Services.
4. Then tap ‘Force Stop’ button.
5. Then tap ‘Clear Cache’ button.

Doing this will clear your mobile cache and you can fix your mobile by being crashing.

How to Update Google Play Services?

Often this Google Play Services automatically updates in the background. But many times it does not update by itself because of big updates. In this case, you have to manually update it. You need to open the Play Store for ISL and find and update Google Play Services. By doing this, your Play Services will be fully updated.


I hope you have people what do Google Play Services do to you? Gave full information about and hope you guys have understood about what Google Play Services is like. If you have any doubts about this article in your mind or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments for it. With your thoughts, we will get a chance to learn something and improve it. If you have enjoyed this post in Google Play Services or you have got to learn something, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to show your happiness and curiosity. Do it

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