What is Event Blogging? How To start Event Blogging

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Hello friends, After many days, I have brought a new and good way of earning Event Blogging and today we will learn how to earn money by understanding Event Blogging in detail.

Through Event Blogging, you can earn up to millions of rupees in 15 to 20 days. This posture is work but hard work and all the information is important.

Now you must be thinking that how will it be in such a short time? Do not worry if so much money can be earned. Below we will tell you everything in detail and if you have any problem in Event Blogging then you can contact us and we will help you all.

What is blogging?

Event Blogging is not a great thing, it is similar to general blogging, but in this, we only prepare a blog to get a lot of traffic in a day, a week or a month.

In the meanings blogging, we create a blog which is targeted only on an event like New Year, Diwali, Christmas etc. and in that event, we have a lot of traffic on our created blog, so that we earn millions of rupees a day or a week is.

In short, it can be said that Blogging is an Event Blogging event by targeting an event to earn millions of dollars in less time.

Note – Through Event Blogging, you can reduce lakhs by working 1 month, so today 90% of bloggers are earning good money using Event Blogging.

How To Earn Money From Even Blogging?

Suppose today is 1 January means New Year what will you do? You will open Google or any other Search Engine in your Mobile browser and find New Year Wishes. You can send greetings to your friends, greetings and greetings to New Year.

Millions of people like you are in the world who discover new year wishes on the new year. Mean New Year Wishes Websites There are millions of people in a day.

Similarly, people like Wishes or Gifts in the event of Holi, Diwali, Eid, Valentine Day, Cristmchr etc are searched in Google or other search engines.

This means that if you create a website on any one event and give good wishes or gifts in it and if you rank the website on Google or another search engine on the first page, then millions of people will come to your website in a day.

Now we all know where people are earning money by advertising there, then millions of people will come to your website in one day, then by placing advertisements there means that you can earn money by monetizing the website.

Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Media.net or any other ads network can monetize the website. More information about this can be found in the section below Blog Monetize.

Now you have come to understand what is the Event Blogging and how to earn money from Even Blogging.

Let’s go now in detail about how to start Even Blogging below.

How to Start Event Blogging?

To start Event Blogging, you have to follow the 6 steps given below. By following which you will be able to complete event blogging and earn good money.

  • Choose an event
  • When to start Event Blogging.
  • Make a website or blog
  • Keywords Plan
  • Monetize Blog
  • Rank the blog in the Search Engine.

Let’s now understand the 4 steps that begin the Event Blogging in detail.

Select event.

To begin with Event Blogging, you have to first select an Event, which means that you want to blog by targeting which event.

Below we tell you about some events.

Live Show – DID Grand Finale, IIFA, WWE Wrestlemania, Games of Thrones, Bigboss etc.

Holidays – Independence Day, Father’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Valentine Day etc. You can also choose events like Eid, Diwali, like local events.

Sports – IPL, Olympic, Worldcup, Football league etc.

Entertainment – Movies Release, Box Office collection, Movie Trailer Release etc.

There are many such events like the events listed above which people are very much searched on the day of the event or week, you can choose any event according to your convenience.

Let’s now consider the second step of Event Blogging.

When to start Event Blogging.

This is a very important question when to start the event blogging. If you want to do Event Blogging by targeting the Event of Independence Day, August 15, then it takes at least 15 days for you to set up the Website or Blog and post and the post is posted in the Search Engine Ranking on the page also takes 15 to 30 days.

If you have an old domain name that is already rank in the search engine, you can earn good money by starting Event Blogging 30 days ago.

But if you want to start an Event Blogging with a new domain name, then you must start an event Blogging at least 60 days before the event.

Now let’s learn to design Website or Blog for Event Blogging below.

Website or Blog Design

Now you should be thinking that creating websites and blogs is a very difficult task and how you can do this without knowing the coding knowledge.

So I’m happy to tell you that making a website or blog is now very easy due to the coming of the CSM Platform and you can create all kinds of websites and blogs without knowledge of Coding.

If you have any problems creating a website or blog then you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Now website or blog you can make free on blogger.com Platform and by spending some money on wordpress.org platform.

Both platforms have their advantages and frustrations. There are some disadvantages of using free Platform Blogger and the advantages of WordPress.org which have gone down.

1. Blogs can be monetized by Google Adsense, so if you do not get Adsense approval then your hard work can be ruined.

#2. If you have an adsense account or get an Approval, Adsense gives only 60% to 70% of revenue on bloggers while 90% revenue on WordPress.org gives.

3 Building on a better website and blog on Blogger is like trying hard and time wasting but WordPress.org can design website and blog accordingly in a very short time.

4. In Blogger, every post and page has to be advertised, which is a difficult task with wasting time, but it is as easy as playing jokes on WordPress. e.t.c.

Depending on the losses and benefits of both platforms, you can choose the Platform.

WordPress The cost of making websites and blogs at org is about Rs 400 to 500 rupees per month for the cost of a tea. Therefore, we recommend making Website or Blog on wordpress.org to take advantage of more convenience and save time.

On WordPress.org, you can easily create a Website or Blog in 10 minutes.

To understand the information about creating a website or blog on WordPress.org, click on the link below.

If you do not have the opportunity to spend 400 rupees to 500 rupees per month, you can do an Event Bogging by making a website or blog on Blogger for free.

To understand the information about creating a website or blog for free, click on the link below.

Let’s now understand the next step to start Event Blogging.

Keywords Planning (the main point of success in Event Blogging)

If you have to be successful in Event Blogging, after making the most event and website design, it is very important to have Keywords planning before creating Posts and Pages. Because if you do not know what people will do on the day of the event, you can waste all the hard work by making post and pages on the wrong keywords.

So let’s briefly understand the keyword planning information and learn how to use the keyword planner.

Keywords planning means searching for words that people search on the search engine on the day of the event and the number of words on which the traffic comes from.

There are many tools available on the internet for planning, but in this post, we will only teach you keyword planning from Google’s tools.

Suppose you are introducing Event blogging on the new year event, first of all, we know that Posting on Happy New Year Wishes will create Happy New Year wishes in google before creating the post and you will go down where Google Suggested keywords will be found. As you can see in the photo below.

Copy and paste all these suggested keywords into Notepad as we have to create a post on these keywords.

Now we have to go to the Google Keywords Planner website for which click on Google Keywords Planner.

You now have to log in via Google Account or Gmail Account.

After logging in, you will reach the homepage of the Keywords Planner. As you can see in the screenshot below.

Now click on the arrow shown in the screenshot above.

After clicking on the arrow, on the next page, you will have to click on the Get Started by typing keywords tagged from google suggestion in the keywords search box. As you can see in the screenshot below

Now on the next page, you will find many related keywords related to the event and their search volume along with keywords will also be seen how many people search the keyword in one month.

So you have to select the most searched keywords and post one on all those keywords.

Note – It is better to create a post by targeting only one or two keywords and create separate posts for different keywords.

For an Event, you should create around 15 to 20 post and pages so that at least 5 posts from them will rank on high traffic keywords.

Now let’s understand the next point of event blogging.

Monetize Blog and Website

As soon as your website or blog design is created and your blog or website has related to the event-related Wishes, Gifts, or whatever information is searched, now your next step is to place ads on the website or blog, We will get money when seen by

There are many ways to place ads on Website Blog and there are many such websites that will easily place ads on your sites and also give you money.

But there is also some website which gives ads but does not give money or gives very little money, so below, we are going to name you some of the trusted Ads Networks, which gives you the most money to show your ads and your money, Of course, you will.

1. Google Adsense –  Adsense is the world’s most paid advertising network, and 95% of bloggers earn money through this same network. So first of all, do you want to monetize Blog or Website by Google Adsense.

2. Media.net – The best way to do this after the Ads Network Google Adsense is to have the Ads Network of Yahoo Search Engine. It is also a trustworthy character like Google and more money. So you can Monetize Blog and Website by both ways Adsense and Media.net.

3. Affiliate Marketing – Apart from Ads Network, you can earn good money from affiliate marketing too. But this is a bit tricky work. But using affiliate marketing with ads network is a good choice. Therefore, you can cater to earn money by promoting Affiliate Products according to your Niche.

Also, many ads network like Infolinks, Propeller Ads,  Popcash, Chitika, Yllix etc. by which you can earn good money Event Blogging to Monetize a Website and Blog.

After blog or website setup and monetize, it is important to increase traffic to the next work website because as much traffic as you can, you can make money through a little like a blog.

Increase Traffic on Blog or Website

Increasing the traffic in Event Blogging is not a difficult task, because Traffic is much more common on the events of the event on the day of the week and week.

But it is important to rank the post on the keywords of the event on the first page of the search engine as 99% of people are satisfied with the first page of the search engine.

This means that if your post is on the second page then there will be no traffic on your website or blog, therefore, you must take the post which you need to create on the first page in the search engine.

Do not worry. In this post, we will tell you all the information in detail, which will easily read your post on the first page.

Let us now know how to rank the post on the first page in the search engine.

How to Rank a Post in Search Engine

Below, we will understand some important points that you can follow by posting and posting page on the first page in the search engine. And can be successful in Event Blogging.

Write High-Quality Content

Content is also important in Event Blogging, so use better and better content in post and pages of your website or blog and use at least 2000 words in each post, because the search engine has more posts and pages with more content. And ranked the pages with the same content first.

Make Backlinks

Domain Authority and page authority are also very required to rank the website and pages, so it is very important for you to create High-Quality backlinks to increase Domain Authority and page authority.

To make DO follow backlinks you can post guest on other blogs and you can create no follow backlinks for comments.

You need to find websites related to Event niche related to Domain authority and Guest Post on them and other ways like Quora, forums, directory submissions, etc., to create more follow backlinks. By which domain authority will go later and rank in your search engine quickly and on the first page.

Social Signals

You have to share the events and pages of the event website on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, medium.com etc., which also provides a social signal of a search engine. The more people that come to your website from social sites, your website will be in the best rank search engine.

So, from the social sites to the traffic lane, and if possible, Promh to the website on Facebook and Instagram.

Increase Direct Traffic.

The website has a very good ranking in the search engine due to direct traffic coming to the website, so share the links of the website etc. on groups etc. on Whatsapp etc. so that direct traffic comes.

To get Direct Traffic, you can also email Marketing, in which you have to buy an email list and send attractive emails to the people on whom people will click on your website and increase direct traffic to your website.

If your post becomes rank on the first page in the search engine, then an event will earn millions of rupees a day or 1 week.

Hope this is stechblog’s Post event Blogging and how you can earn money from event blogging and you will be able to understand the information about event blogging by reading a post.

Comment for any kind of question-related to Event Blogging.

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