What is Computer Engineering and how did Computer Engineer become?

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Do you know what is computer engineering? If not, then you must read this article. Because in this article we will learn about everything related to Computer Engineering. Computer Engineering is a two-word summary (Computer + Science + Engineering) Where Computer Science is a topic in which all information related to the computer is provided. At the same time, Engineering means the work related to the tool in which hardware is used. By using such technology, we can simplify our tasks. It has many branches such as Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Computer etc.

As we all know that our civilization is now doing more speed of computerization and modernization. Where we can use them in many tasks such as social, professional, occupational, defence. Computer Science and Engineering is a very good discipline, where engineering courses offer more attention to the practical and scientific approach of any application. Since now, who want to study Computer Engineering, I thought why you should provide all the information related to Computer Engineering, which will give you an opportunity to understand it already if you or any of your relatives are doing it on behalf of your profession. If you want to choose then So let’s begin without delay and know about what computer science engineering.

What is computer engineering

Computer Engineering is composed of two words Computer Engineering + K In which computer is a discipline that relates to computer and networking, the engineering belongs to the computer hardware. This subject intersection is done by Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Computer Engineers are called engineers who get specific training in both hardware and software. These Computer Engineers make some products that use knowledge of both Hardware and Software. For example a mobile phone, play stations, computer and video games. These gadgets are getting very popular in the last few years. Hence the demand for this field is increasing rapidly.

Some of the fields that are very unique are for Computer Engineering, they are for Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) systems, computing hardware, and these are very essential components for computers such as memories and electronic circuitry, along with analogue circuits and digital hardware also.

What are Courses and how much is their Duration?

Here we will learn about different courses of Computer Science Engineering and also about their duration.

After Courses 12th

In the course of Computer Science & Engineering, the student is made aware of many topics, including algorithms, programming languages, operating systems, database management systems, computer network, computer graphics and artificial intelligence.

The Academic criterion of Computer Science & Engineering is divided into three courses/programmes, which are some of the following:

1. Diploma courses in which polytechnic diploma has to be done which is of 3 years duration.

2. UG courses in which B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is to be done and which is of 4 years duration.

3. PG courses in which M.Tech (Master of Technology) is to be done and which is of 2 years duration.

Apart from this, there is an even higher education which is PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree in which the focus is on research on the advanced level of computer engineering.

What are all the courses of Computer Science & Engineering?

  • Diploma in Computer Science and Technology
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Engineering
  • Master of Engineering (ME/M.Tech) in Computer Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Networking
  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phill) in Computer Science and Engineering

Specialization (Sub-disciplines)

Another important specialization subjects in Computer Science & Engineering

  • Computer architecture and organization
  • Database systems
  • Electronics
  • Operating systems
  • Networking
  • Foundations of Computer Systems
  • Java Programming and Website Design
  • E-Commerce & ERP and Multimedia Applications

How to become a computer engineer

These questions often come in the minds of people that what is the eligibility criteria of this Computer Engineering Courses. Let’s know about this.

Here I have mentioned some basic eligibility criteria for the various diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

1. After completing the 10th standard, you are eligible to do diploma courses.

2. They are fully qualified after completing the 12th standard to join a UG (B.Tech) program.

3. In order to enter the field of Computer Science & Engineering, you must either do a diploma or UG, mathematics and science have to be compulsory and that too in the qualifying examination.

4. In order to join the PG (M.Tech) program, B.Tech should be done in Computer Science & Engineering.

5. Similarly to be a PhD program, it is very important to have M.Tech or B.Tech Degree.

What is Computer Engineer’s Job Profile?

Let’s know what to understand to become a Computer Engineer and what to do in this Job Profile.

1. They should have a good understanding of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering so that they can use that knowledge properly.

2. They should have knowledge of Digital Technology so that they can make new things, and work them in technology. Apart from this, they should know about computer networking and computer systems.

3. They should also have the ability to implement computer hardware, design and software application.

4. Both Hardware and Software designs should have good skills and knowledge.

5. There should be an understanding of computer programming, apart from this, the ability to implement computing platforms and applications in an effective and efficient manner should be there.

6. There should be an intelligence to analyze any error and solve it. So Say The Best Trouble Shooter

7. Always keep yourself updated with the latest technology trends and innovations.

Computer Engineers have two major career options

1) Software Engineering
2) Hardware Engineering.

Being a software engineer, they have to test and work with computer programs, applications, network security, mobile and other computer operated devices.

Being the same as the hardware engineers, they have to work with computer systems and all other computer-related components. Together they have to work in Robotics, Aeronautic design, Wireless networks, sophisticated equipment.

What Skills Need for Computer Engineering?

Let’s know about all the Skills required for Computer Engineering.

  • They should have Ability of Team Work.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Determination
  • To be able to work for a longer period of time, there should be a cure.
  • Must be logical and systematic
  • Patience is very important.
  • The analytical mind should be

Are Candidates Having Employment Opportunities After Computer Engineering?

Once you have done any of the courses of Computer Engineering, people often ask that the applicants have Employment Opportunities after doing the courses. So let us know about some jobs that someone can opt out of Computer Engineering candidate.

  • Software developers
  • Firms installing business systems.
  • Advertising & Mass Communication
  • Research Labs
  • Computer & Technology manufacturers
  • Digital Consulting firms
  • Semiconductor companies
  • Armed Forces
  • Railways
  • Government
  • Educational Institutions
  • Business Enterprises

What is the difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering?

Where computer science deals with processing, storage, and communication of data and instructions, you can call computer engineering the end of electrical engineering and computer science. Therefore, before deciding any degree program, you should understand your preferences, do not think what people in your household will say or what your friends will be your relatives. This decision should be your own.

These two terms seem to be similar in nature, but in reality, these are not the same. There is a considerable difference in the work of both of these. So people often make mistakes in understanding it. So let’s understand the difference between these two.

Computer science is not limited to programming only: –

The bigger the misconception that happens to computers science is that people think that this is just programming. But, this is more than that. Computer science would not be wrong to say an umbrella term. Because it covers 4 major areas of computing. These are the areas:

  • Theory
  • Programming languages
  • Algorithms
  • Architecture

In Computer Science, you have to read about data and instruction processing, and how it is communicated and stored in computing devices. After it falls, you can easily learn data processing algorithms, symbolic representations, techniques, software writing, communication protocols, the organization in data in databases, etc.

Understanding this in easy language, it is taught to you how to solve the problems of computer or related problems. How to write algorithms and with their help how to automatically solve our problems.

Where in computer science undergraduate college programs, students are taught about the broad range of topics that allow them to learn things from multiple areas. He is focused only in a specific area, in the graduate studies. So you should choose the right graduate program for yourself and also together with college.

Computer Engineering is much more applied nature

You can speak a computer engineering computer science and electrical engineering. By combining hardware and software knowledge, now computer engineers can work on all computing types. They can see how microprocessors function, how they are designed and optimized, how data transfer occurs, how the software is written and compiled in different hardware platforms.

To put it in easy language, computer engineering is brought into action by software design and data processing concepts. A computer engineer is responsible for running the software that was created by a computer scientist.

These two fields computer science and computer engineers overlap with each other in many cases. Where Computer Science is the theory part, Computer Engineer has a hardware part. Some good new ones can be made by meeting these two.

How to get a Computer Engineer’s Mobile Number?

Just like the mobile number of Computer Engineer you will find on the internet. Because most engineers do not have their mobile number public like this often. Rather, you can use sites like Fiverr to contact them, where you will find thousands of computer engineers for your work.


I hope that I gave you complete information about what computer engineering is to people and I hope you have understood how to become a computer engineer. If you have any doubts about this article in your mind or you want some improvement in it then you can write down comments for it. With your thoughts, we will get a chance to learn something and improve it. If you have got to learn something from in this post computer engineering, then to show your happiness and eagerness, please share this post on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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