What is algorithm advantages and disadvantages

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In this era of Computer and Internet, we need a lot of information. If a person sees his future in the field of Internet, then he will need even more. Today I’m going to tell you about one thing related to computer programming. The topic that we will talk about today is Algorithm! So let’s know what it is?

What is the definition of algorithm and the definition of algorithm, what is its algorithm, its advantages, and disadvantages, benefits of algorithm and disadvantage of the algorithm 

What Is Algorithm??

The algorithm is a word in the direct language, which means that you can accept Steps. Before writing a programme in the programming language, Algorithm is written, how to create a programme.

That is, the steps that are defined for any work related to the programming are called algorithm! That is, you can also say that steps in the language of programming that are defined for it are called Algorithm. Let us use an example to understand the algorithm.

When you do a message in your mobile you will do some work for it first

  1. First of all, you will unlock your phone.
  2. After that, you will open the App of Message on your phone.
  3. Now you will click on Write Icon. After that, you will do your message type.
  4. You will then sand on the button by clicking on the button on the sand button.

Just by doing this, your message will be sanded, which you have done in 4 steps i.e. follow the steps, this is the algorithm from start to end.

the advantage of algorithm and Disadvantage of algorithm 

  • advantage::  Solution of any problem you get by step by step, due to which you will not have any problem understanding and you can easily convert it to Flowe chart and then later in any programming language can convert
  • Disadvantage::  There is considerable loss of time in time, first you have to type algorithm then after that it has to be transformed into the flowchart then go and convert to the programming code.

Benefits of writing algorithms,

  1. If we write an algorithm, then we get solutions to any kind of Problem very easily. And we also get Step by Step which makes it easy to understand the problem.
  2. You can also convert your Algorithm into Flow Chart. You can then change it in any Programing Language.

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