What is Akismet and Why You Should Start Using it Right Away

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There are many plugins on WordPress that help keep the WordPress site safe. One of the plugins is Akismet Anti- Spam, which filters the spam comments that come on the WordPress blog. Akismet plugin also installs with installing new WordPress.

All we have to do to activate it and get the API key and some important setup are to do.

In this post, I will talk about what is Akismet Anti-spam? Why should Akismet Plugin be used and how to setup Akismet in WordPress blog?

What is Akismet Anti-Spam?

Akismet is a comment spam filtering plugin. These plugin filters spam comments that come to our website. Akismet is made up of two words – Automattic and Akismet

Why Akismet Anti-Spam Should Be Used

The number of spam comments on the most popular website is greatly increased. About 85% of the comments coming to the site are spam only. Meaning out of 100, 15 comments are real.

The spam comments coming to our blog post are not related to the post. Spammer comments on another site to get a backlink on your site, which contains spam links.

Hackers also 
try to hack a blog or site by commenting spamThey can also send the virus with the comment. This puts a very bad effect on the SEO of our site. The best way to avoid this is Akismet.

The spam comment is something like this, check out the screenshots below.

How to get the Akismet API key in WordPress Blog

Many new WordPress users are not aware of the Akismet API key. They activate the Akismet plugin but do not connect to the API key.

To get the API Key free, follow the steps below:

Step 1

First, activate the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin. Well, this plugin already exists in WordPress. If it is already in your blog then click on Plugins >> Installed Plugins from the dashboard and select Akismet Anti-Spam and click on its activate button.

Step 2

  • After clicking on the Activate button, a message show will be set up to set up the account.
  • Click on Set up your Akismet account Click on

Step 3

There is two option to get the Akismet API Key.

Connect Via Jetpack :

If you want to fully activate this plugin using your Jetpack connection, then click the connect with Jetpack button.

or Sign up with a different email address :

If you want to use Akismet without your Jetpack connection, then click Sign up with a different email address.

Step 4

Log in to Akismet from your wordpress.com account.

  • Enter your WordPress.com account’s Email Address or Username and click the Continue button.
  • Enter password and login.

Step 5

You will now be reformed on the pricing page. You will be asked to choose a plan.

  • Click the Add Personal Subscription button to choose a plan that is free, as in the screenshot below.

  • Drag the cursor to $ 0
  • Click Create Subscription

Step 6

You will now receive the API key. Copy this key and copy it.

Go to your Akismet configuration page and add the API key.

Paste the API key into the box and click on connect with API Key.

Step 7

Now a new page will open. There will be an option for the API key and comments in the settings section.

Comments :

To show the total number of Approved comments, tick it in the checkbox.

Strictness :

  • If you want to delete spam comment automatically, then tick it in So I never see it. It will not be able to enable it or not.
  • To keep Spam’s comments always in the spam folder and then to review later, tick this Always put spam in the spam folder for review.

Note: After enabling this option, the spam comment in the same folder will be automatically deleted after more than 15 days. Therefore, review and delete the comment within 15 days by publishing it or delete it.

  • Click Save Changes.

Now Akismet Antispam plugin will start protecting WordPress blog from spam comment.

Hope you liked this post. If you have any questions related to setting up Akismet Anti-spam in WordPress blog, then comment on me.

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