Top 9 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers Part (2)

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Hi Friends, If you are reading this post, then you are a blogger. Hope you enjoy your Blogging Journey a lot. There is no need to tell how important a
blogger has for Chrome extensions. Because Google Chrome is an important browser for everyone.
This is used by almost all bloggers, so we can further increase its usefulness by adding some important Chrome extensions to it. 
Chrome is the extension of extensions and you can increase its beauty many times.

So let’s know the Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Blogger

Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

In this post related to Chrome Extensions, I will tell you about the Chrome Extensions that you have used to make a lot of use. 
You may know about something already and the balance of the rest is proving to be very beneficial for you.
So you do not take much time to come directly to the post and tell you the Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers >>

1. LastPass

in a lot of detail. This is not only important for bloggers but also for a common man.
In short, I tell you here that when you install this LastPass Chrome extension in your Google Chrome Browser, you do not have to remember any passwords. 

Your remaining work will do this.
You only need to remember its Master Password. And this is absolutely safe. You can also buy it for its better experience or use it for free.
I have a month’s Free Premium Offer for my readers Along with which you can use its premium service for a full month free of charge.

Note: Before downloading Chrome Extensions, sign up for Free or Premium.

2. Pocket

The less you tell about it, it will look less. A pocket is really one of the best Chrome extensions that we like most. 
We visit any blog, like a post, but because of the absence of time, we can not read that post.

Pocket Chrome Extensions are just for you. 

When you like a post, you can click directly on this Chrome Extensions and it will save your post. After that, you can read it in your free time.
Not only this, if you install its App in your Android then you can not even read the saved files. 
Yes, you read the right thing, you can listen to the post you wrote. By Google Text Speech
All you have to do is click on Munu of that app and after that, 


3. LightShot

We have to take some screenshots sometimes when we are doing something on the browser. In this case, we can use the computer’s ‘Print Screen’ button but there is a bit more trouble. 
Because you have to edit by going to Paint and pasting it.
But if you have LightShot Chrome Extensions then you do not need to do all of this.
Simply click on this Chrome Extensions and edit it as you wish and save that too in great quality.


4. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary is an awesome Chrome Extensions. You will find it very easily by any word that you do not know. 
All you have to do is download this Chrome Extensions first and when it is fully installed then after you are reading a post and you do not know its meaning, then
you have to double it on that word Click on continuously and you will get the pronunciation and meaning of that word on both sides.

5. Grammarly

If you are a Hindi blogger then maybe this is not a thing for your work, but you will still be able to work in many places. 

This is also one of the finest Chrome Extensions which is quite beneficial for English Blogger.
This helps them to write purely in terms of grammar. Not only that, if you accidentally write a word incorrectly, then it highlights it with red so that you can correct that mistake. 
In this way, these Chrome Extensions are a great Chrome Extensions for hair writing in English.
You can use it according to your requirement.

6. Block Site

Do not you spend too much time on your blog? Or spend most of the time on social media or spend on any sites which have no use? 
Then these Chrome Extensions are just for you and just for you.

Through this Chrome Extensions, you can block any particular website for a specific time. 
Whenever you want to go to that website after making this
, that website will not open until the time frame is complete.
If you have a specific job, you can unblock that website again after you go to that Chrome Extensions, after which you will be able to access that site.
In this way, these Chrome Extensions is able to save your many wasted time.

7. Writer

This is also one of Google Chrome’s finest Chrome Extensions. As its name suggests, it works for your type. 
You can prepare your blog post through this Chrome Extensions too in a quiet environment.
The advantage of this Chrome Extensions is that in this you can just write and do nothing. Neither Bold nor Italic nor anything else besides it.
In this way, you save a lot of time and focus only on writing. These Chrome Extensions can be of great benefit to you.

[Download Writer Chrome Extensions.]

8. RemindMe

This is also one of Google Chrome’s finest Chrome Extensions. When you are working, you do not remember any particular work. 
Because of which you do not have that work, or you are very late.
In this way, these Chrome Extensions have made great profits for you. You can set a specific task by this Chrome Extensions in a timely manner. 

In this way, when you are doing some other work, it will give you information about that important work by alerting you at the right time.
Frankly, these are the best Chrome Extensions that a blogger must use.

9. Keywords Everywhere

Everywhere is a great Chrome Extensions that will really prove to be beneficial for you. 

Whenever you search for something in the Search Engine, the data about which you have to go to Google Keyword Planner is what you get.
This means that the best Chrome Extensions lets you tell your Volume, CPC, etc. of any keyword you search on Google right below it.
Which is why you do not have to use Google Keyword Planner again.

So friends were some of the coolest Chrome Extensions in Hindi that you can use to make your Digital Life really easy. 
If you like this post “Top 10 Chrome Extensions in Hindi” then do not forget to tell us in the comment box why you thought you got Best Chrome Extensions?

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