Top 5 YouTube Alternatives for Video Lovers

Whenever it comes to watching or sharing videos online, the first thing people think of YouTube is not the same, but there are many platforms other than YouTube where you can watch or share videos, today’s In the post, I will tell you about 5 other platforms where you can watch or share videos, read the post to know more about YouTube-

Top 5 YouTube alternatives


If talk of online video sites, then Dailymotion comes in second place since there are around 100 million unique visitors every month on this site. If you upload videos to this site then your video gets better access to these sites. Its interface is also very similar to YouTube. Also, there is a list of trending videos leaked on the homepage and the convenience bar is also provided at the top of the homepage. If you have to upload a video to this site then you just have to register on this site via email id. To upload videos to this site, the length of the video can be up to 60 minutes and the size of the video can be up to 4 GB. If you have to upload a longer video than this, then you have to create a MotionMaker account which is free if you upload videos to this site. To make money, you have to be part of the DailyMotion OpenVOD program.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo’s interface is very good and this is a major video uploading and sharing site. You just have to become a member by filling up the form on this site. Then you can watch exclusive videos. Vimeo’s most special feature is that on YouTube at this site Advertising do not come. You can also upload videos to this site, but only 500 MB in a week, if you want to upload more than this video then you can take paid membership ($ 9.95 per month) so that you can upload 5 GB per minute in a week. And if you have to upload more than this video then you can become its premium member, where you can upload up to 20 GB of video in a week.

3. Flickr

This website is mostly used for image hosting, but it allows the user to upload and share the videos, you can upload videos from 1 TB with a free account of this website.


When it comes to uploading and sharing unlimited videos, Veoh is a good site where you can upload videos, its user interface is quite simple and there are many more options like forums, messaging facility to connect with friends, groups, etc. But the browsing experience of this website can frustrate you.

5. Metacafe

If the old video uploading site speaks of it, it is one of them. This website is still running and it has 40 million unique visits every month and with so many features it offers a seamless and better browsing experience but this You can not upload a new video on the website because this website does not allow this.

So friends were some websites where you can watch and share videos if you enjoyed this post, do not forget to share it with friends.


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