Top 16 Best URL Shortener To Earn Money – 2019

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Making money by shortening URL  is one of the simplest methods where you do not need technical skills, it is the simple method with which you can earn money online. People who do not know how to make money online can use this service and earn money through this service. It’s a very simple process, just convert each of your URLs like your links in blog, websites, Facebook, Google or other links and promote it wherever you want. When someone clicks on the URL you entered, short links wait for 5 seconds redirected to the original destination link. So it is the way the company can pay you, the rates depend on the companies because there are many different  URL shortenings to make money with different rates.
Companies there are the maximum wages between $ 1 to $ 10 per 1000 views on a URL and they also have a referral system by joining other people of your referrals and they give you a commission of up to 20%. So here we found a  URL shortener to make money that you can earn money by promoting short links.

List all the best URL shorteners to make money.


Adfly is old and one of the best-trusted companies that pay on time. You can get about $ 5 per 1,000 views by promoting your shortened URL. The main thing we like about Adfly is that the minimum payout is $ 5, which is best than other companies. It is a trusted company and you can receive your payment via Paypal. Most people use Adfly because it is an old and legal, reliable company that earns money on short links and that pays the best care to its customers.

2.  Shortest is another most popular URL shortening company and it gives you $ 2 per 1000 views for shortening the URL and the minimum payout is 5 $. If you are not satisfied with the payout, you can earn money with the referral system. It gives you 20% commissions on referrals. is user-friendly and you can securely receive your payment through Paypal and Payoneer. It has a good payout rate and is a good platform to make money to make a short left. In addition to this shorte .st also have affiliate programs. It gives you great ad layout and you can promote on your blog or website. 

3.  Linkshrink.Net

Link shrink pays 2 $ to 5 $ and the minimum payout is 5 $. It is another good platform to make money to make a short left. Via reference system, you can get a 10% commission from your referral. It is the best and innovative company that pays good rates to its customers. You can register for free and earn money to share your links on the internet.

4. is another fast-growing new network with great features and service to make money on short links. offers up to $ 5 per 1000 views and they guarantee for at least $ 1.50 for 1000 views. Minimum payout is $ 5 via PayPal and other payment methods are also available.

5.  Shink.

Shink is another popular site shortens the URL to make money. Shink offers good rates based on the location of the traffic. It offers various functions that are useful in earning decent money from short links. It also offers tools for mass mining, API integration, the script with the full page also contains a referral program in which they provide a lifetime 10% commission.

6. is another URL-short network to shorten URLs and make money. This is the fastest growing network just because they offer better rates, functions and interfaces that attract users. You can earn up to $ 3 with for 1000 views. Minimum payout is $ 5 via Paypal.


It is a modern URL shortening is where we money can make a short left. You are paid by sharing your links on the internet. You can register a free account and start to shrink. Every person who visits your URLs and clicks on your URL will be paid. You can place your short URLs on social media, forums, websites and more. It pays you up to $ 12 per 1000 visits and you can also get 20% commission from your referrals.


Linkbucks is another best and legal site to shorten URLs and make money. It is’s number one competitor. It has a great Google page rank and a very high Alexa ranking. By promoting your shortened URL, you can get from 0.5 $ to 3 $. The minimum payout is 10 $. Linkbucks has paid more than $ 1.2 million USD. Other competitors pay only for unique traffic while Linkbucks pays all your traffic. Advertising programs are also available so you can advertise with linkbacks.

9. is a URL shortening company to shorten the URL and make money. Create an account and share your short URL on websites, blogs, social media, forums etc. And you will be paid. The pays 1 $ to 3 $ per 1000 views. You are paid by sharing your links on the web. You can register for free on and earn money online without any skills simply by sharing your links. You can also receive a commission from your referrals.

10. is another URL shortening service to make money on short links. offers rates between $ 1- $ 10 for different regions. with 3 different account formats in the base is free and others with advanced features are premium. also has a search program where they offer 20% commission rates. Minimum payout is $ 1 via PayPal, Payza and $ 20 via Payoneer payment.

11.  (for 18+ links) is a free short URL shortener for links for adults. If you promote links that are for 18+ users, this network will perform better. The minimum payout is $ 5 on a monthly basis. also offers various tools, such as the other for mass shrinkage, full page script for a website. So it actually seems like a good short URL network.

12. is one of the best networks to make money on short links. This network is fully integrated with great features. has two different service plans to create an account. You can join as a free user, but if you want to expand features, you need to upgrade from free to premium. In a premium account, you can place your own customized ads and affiliated products. What we think is a deserved situation. They offer good rates for sharing. They also have an amazing reference from where you can earn 5% commission by reference for life and also extra $ 25 if user update refers to the premium account.

13.  Link earn

Another new service for URL shortener to make money. Currently, they offer good rates based on regional. We can easily view the payout percentages for CPM. Link earn also offers various tools such as fast links, mass discrimination, API integration, Full Page Script. They use the interstitial ad format. For marketers, they also have a referral program. In general, these short URL services look good.

14. is another service to make money on short links. An interface is quietly impressive. The main feature that, as in this platform, is real-time statistics. They offer mash URL shrinking, link protection service and page script for creating a short URL. is a newly founded and fastest growing service with a good interface. If you want to shorten adult links, they have a separate function for this. The minimum payout of is $ 10 via PayPal.

15.  URLCash.Net

UrlCash.Net is a shorter service to make money on short links. If you have a website or blog, unleash is for you. This allows you to create a script that converts the website URL into a money URL. There are many functions available in our cash. They pay in anticipation of the balance on a daily basis.

16.  CoinURL.

It is another URL shortening service with other different ad formats such as banner ads and interstitial ads. In fact, CoinURL is meant for webmasters or bloggers who want to use money from their site or blog. This service is a complete set of all these features that allow you to earn money for promoting short URLs. CoinURL is one of the best-known networks. Their referral program is best compared to other networks.

What is URL shortening?

With URL shortening, you can convert your large URL into a short URL. It is very useful, because if you want to promote a link that is very large and it is sometimes difficult for us to remember the link, but with the help of the URL shortening service, we can convert it into a short URL, then we simply copy the link. Just like we use or Google URL short service, but they even pay a penny for sharing. You just have to go and join the URL shortening networks mentioned above and take every link you want to promote and place on the box. Then click on shrink. This shrinks or converts your large link to a short URL that you can further promote.

We hope that these short link sites link you. If you have the best URL shortener network that we have skipped, leave your comment and we will review and update it as soon as possible.

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