Top 10 Must Have SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

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The meaning of the word blogging is to write on the internet and if you write well then make a lot of money or else make a lot of money, it depends on the content of your blog and the content of it.

But it seems as easy to get as far as hearing this word, that blogging is a lot of hard work and hard work. But there are many such tools to make this work easy

Some of these tools are called Tools Chrome Extension. If you do not know whether Chrome Extensions are you? So let me tell you that this is a kind of software that works in the browser, which makes our browser better, i.e. the way in computers that we have to install software to complete any new work

Similarly, in Browser, we have to install extensions to do any new and different work. Today, we will learn about the five important extensions to Blog R. which may help you a lot.

Google Chrome Extensions

### 1 Mozbar Chrome SEO Extension: Directly , if you are a Blogger, then you will visit all your websites daily and think how much better this website is. If you want to know how much better the website is, then you can get help from this Chrome extension

With which you can find out about any site’s Authority, Domain Authority, Backlinks, Link Profiles, Keywords, etc. This can help you improve your site.

### 2 About Ahref SEO Extension:, all of you know that a search engine optimization is the best site to work for, and on this side there is plenty of R & It also shows how you can overtake your target site.

### 3 Page Analytics by Google Extension: This Page Analytics for Google Extensions is also a great extension for bloggers, which will prove to be very beneficial for them. The work of Google Chrome extension is also like its name

That is, it can analyze the page of your website as Google Analytics does, that means it will be very helpful in locating the status of your website.

### 4 Link Miner Extension: We all know how broken links are dangerous for our website. This is the reason why broken links are not good on our website.

This brilliant Broken Link extension helps us find out about broken links on our website so that we can find and remove them and protect your website from any threat of danger.

### 5 Keyword Everywhere Extension: This Chrome extension will also prove to be great for you if you are a Blogger, because with its help you can do keyword research for free. Let us know if anyone has the best extension for this keyword research in this extension.

You can find out about any keyword’s search, CPC, etc. That is, you must have understood why this extension is important to us.

>> Other Seo Tool

6 . SEO & Website Analysis

7 . SEO Quake

8 . Majestic backlink analyzer 

9 . Page Load

10 . Goo.Gl Url shorter

Friends, I hope you like this post as a blog, and you will have learned a lot from this post. If you want to read such other posts related to such great and blogging, then visit on a daily basis. Please share this post with social media and share your knowledge with Oro!

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