Top 10 Best Free WordPress Theme For New Bloggers

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Top 10 Free Best WordPress Theme for New Bloggers  WordPress is a great way to make a website or blog. But if the right WordPress theme is not selected, then the problem persists. Because what looks the same is sold and the theme gives a look to the website. Just like before we go into a party function, we do the same thing as designing WordPress Theme and WordPress Plugin just before launching the website . Often when a new blogger or business owner moves online in the world, then which theme is used to stay confused. Growing up the trend of WordPress, a list of some Top 10 Free and Best WordPress Themes are being published for new bloggers and business owners.

Top 10 Free Best WordPress Themes

It is important to understand what is a WordPress theme and why it is necessary. The theme is a kind layout. Just like Codding was designed from the website, the same way is now ready to use layout called Theme. The website goes live once it is installed. In this, there is the Admin Panel, Front End all the pages. Never use Null or Crack Theme. Initially, Guruji Tips was also used on the Carck WordPress theme, which has been the result of this until today. When heavy traffic came to the site, some bugs came and the problem started coming to the site and it took a lot of time for the problem to be solved.

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Free theme use is right, but if using Crack Theme, then this is not wrong but very wrong. If you want to use free themes, then the top 10 Best Free WordPress Theme is mentioned below. You can use it

How To Select The Right WordPress Theme

  • Theme should not be crack.
  • There should not be any bug file
  • Always Light Weight Fast Loading Theme should only use.
  • If you use Paid WordPress Theme , then you have to have a License Key.
  • If you do not have the License Key, then that’s Crack Theme too.

Top 10 Best WordPress Theme

If there is any problem in it, then the Advance Guide For WordPress Installation is also published. Buy it and can read it. Blog, Business and E-commerce Free Themes for Everyone are available on For this, you can use the theme in the Popular category in the theme section at or use the Theme should use the theme.

#1 Best WordPress Theme

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Twenty Seventeen  This is the best fast loading theme, you can customize it accordingly. Always try to use at least the plugin. The less the plugin will use, the faster the website will load. Twenty Seventeen is a Multi-Purpose WP Theme.

#2 Best WordPress Theme

Twenty Sixteen / Fifteen is also lightweight fast loading multi-purpose theme. This theme is installed only when installing WordPress. So far the most active installation is of this theme.

#3 Best WordPress Theme

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You can also download Free Version of SKT Themes for Blogging. When a fund comes, its Paid membership can also be bought. All themes of SKT Themes are Light Weight Theme. Apart from this, this Business Theme is also made. Free Support is not available in the Free Theme as well as there is no function.

#4 Best WordPress Theme

Happy Themes is currently installed on the theme guruji Tips on Happy Themes on this website. Well, it’s Paid Theme. But its Fee version is also available. New Bloggers or Business Owner can use it for free.

#5 Best WordPress Theme

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Electronica Theme of FlexiThemes is also the Best Free WordPress Theme for Blogging. There are three columns in it. If there is information about HTML and CSS then it can be easily customized. The free version was used on Guruji Tips for the first few days. This is a very attractive theme.

#6 Best WordPress Theme

ColorMag  This theme is also quite a good theme. There are two columns in it. This is quite Neat and Clean Design. It is available in both free and paid versions. You can use Free Version as long as you have no funds. Can use it for News Portal.

#7 Best WordPress Theme

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Root  Well this theme is named Accesspress Root. It has been created by AccessPressThemes. This is a Multi-Purpose Theme. It can be used for any kind of business or blog. It also supports all types of plugins. This is a simple, clean, beautifully responsive wordpress business theme. In this, the Home Page section can be created with drag and drop. There is also Full Width, Box Layout, Featured Slider, Features Post with Testimonial Layout.

#8 Best WordPress Theme

The Craze of One Page Website is just too much. There is very little One Page wp theme which is available for free. For Zerif Lite can make use of. A few days ago, I created a client on the theme like One Page WordPress website. This is the lightweight fast loading wp theme. Zerif Lite is a very popular theme for a responsive one-page business theme. It definitely takes time to customize. But there are many tutorials on the internet from which you can customize it.

#9 Best WordPress Theme

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Zincy Lite Wp Theme This is a Free Business WordPress theme. If you are a business owner and you want to make your business website without much effort (at the very minimal expense), then it may be your choice. Today there are many free WordPress themes on the internet but, despite all this Zincy Lite may be the first choice. This is a Fully Responsive WordPress Theme.

#10 Best WordPress Theme

The tenth but not the last one can be told here also about a good Light Weight Free WordPress theme. But this option is empty. If you are running a website or blog, you can tell which free WordPress theme you use. Which is why the other is also what you think is a good theme.

Conclusion Top 10 free WP Themes

Any WordPress theme like Demo does not look like after installing. Initially, when I used to install WordPress Theme, Demo looked something and installed it when something else looked like that. This caused me much trouble. But, when familiar with WordPress, it looks like the theme looks like after installing it. For this basic information should be. Basic Knowledge should also include information about Basic WordPress Customization in addition to HTML, CSS

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