The New Ad Formats From Clickadu Will Boost Your Online Income?

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Do you want to increase your profit online or not? I am sure you are a Blogger or Webmaster who always strives to maximize online profit through multiple advertorial techniques. This is true. Nowadays, bloggers are always able to monetize innovative traffic due to different scams-ad networks and suspicious online money techniques.

The sad fact, however, is that most webmasters still depend on traditional banner ads that are the main reason behind ad blindness. Because of the same ad formats everywhere, visitors prefer to use ad blockers instead of experiencing next-gen ads. I am sure you may be wondering: what is the solution to boost your online profits without diverting visitors’ attention? Yes, the solution is as simple as the start of your online career. Believe me! I would recommend that you always try out different ad formats with unique optimization techniques, depending on your daily traffic statistics.

You may wonder, what are the other ad formats that we expect in addition to banner ads and pop-up ads? You may be more concerned about this issue if you are streaming online videos where banner ads or Pop ads are being deleted due to their format. You may have tried multiple ad networks in the past, but let me be unbiased to introduce an innovative ad network that you might encounter. I’m talking about here,  Clickadu who recently launched their two unique ad formats to help a global publisher generate better revenue with traffic. Below I will examine these two functions in detail and what Publishers can expect before they try.

Two new ad formats: mobile dialogue and pre-roll

In your online marketing career, I am sure that you know so far how important it is to choose the right ad formats. Of course, the meaning also lies in the placement. However, you must be careful when using different formats, because not everyone gives you the best yield.

The two new formats that I present here are mobile dialogue and pre-roll. The first, as the name says, unleash the hidden potential of mobile traffic. On the other hand, the latter presents highly targeted short video ads.

While pursuing a network that offers these ad formats along with the traditional ones, I came across Clickadu. Let’s look at what these two formats have to offer from them.

Mobile dialogue or push-up advertisements

Have you ever witnessed small dialogue boxes that appear on web pages on mobile phones? Most of them lead you to install an application from Google Play or download an APK file. In the event that your digital marketing spirit has been ignited, you may have even thought of the amount the website administrator earns with those referrals. Clickadu gives you the chance to get the same type of advertisement.

The functioning is simple. As soon as you implement a mobile dialogue or push ads on your website, the visitor receives a small dialogue about the content of your site shortly after a tap. At the bottom of the box, the audience also sees two call-to-action buttons.

You must ensure that the website meets the standards for mobile responsiveness and correct loading without any inconvenience.

As an advertiser, you see that this is the best way to increase the number of users of your app. Creating an attractive ad text will certainly result in many downloads. If your product meets the industry standard, you can retain those users.

Advantages of push-up advertisements

  • High conversion rate: –  Admit it! Achieving a high conversion rate is not a cake walk. We have to go through various experiments, split A / B tests and what not! Here, mobile dialogue ads offer you a ready-made opportunity to boost your conversion rate in no time.
  • Mobile compatibility: –  Clickadu push-up advertisements are compatible with every smartphone that you can find on the market. The advertisements shape themselves to fit the screen in an adequate way. Since the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile phones, you cannot simply overlook such users.
  • Google friendly: –  What would Google think? It is the most common question that every website owner asks himself after making a small change on his website. With mobile dialogue ads that are active on your site, you don’t have to worry about the obstacles you encounter at Google. The search engine titan has no complaints about this healthy way of advertising.
  • High CTR: –  Click Through Rate is directly proportional to Conversion Rate (CR). If the CTR is high, we can certainly say this about CR. As you have read before, the push-up ad dialogue has two CTA buttons. It evokes intrinsic curiosity in people’s psyche. Result?? You see CTR hit the sky.
  • Best for promotion: –  You can easily reach a lot of people to use your application by simply setting up a push-up advertising campaign.

Pre-roll video advertise

YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Could you imagine? A platform with videos has achieved this achievement. Yes, it shows the importance of videos in the modern era. Billions prefer media content for text. Perhaps this is the Clickadu preroll video ad format launched.

The way the ad format works is quite trivial. They display the video and as soon as a visitor selects or clicks on content. He/she must watch a promotional video of 15-30 seconds. Then the audience will get what he asked for. Due to the IAB VAST 3.0 protocol with which Clickadu works, visitors will not experience any problems with JS or HTML players.

If you are a publisher, keep a few things in mind before you start a pre-roll campaign. The video must be at least 15 seconds long. It may also not last longer than 30 seconds. The file size must not exceed 40 megabytes. You must ensure that the resolution is at least 240P and that the file bears an MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV or FLV extension.

Advantages of Pre-Roll advertisements

  • Better than conventional advertising: –  Ask yourself the question. What do you like most; text, image or video? The answer says everything. The analysis showed that 91% of people watch targeted video ads without skipping.
  • High eCPM rates: –  Effective costs per mile rate must be on the higher side to earn a handful of money. Clickadu offers $ 1 for tier 1 countries.
  • Master targeting: –  Target group plays a crucial role in advertising. If you do not focus properly, you will exhaust all your resources in vain. With Clickadu you can set your target audience so that they don’t have to skip your ad.
  • Supports all JS and HTML players: –  Regardless of which browsers your visitors use, they can view the video ads as a walk in the park. The platform meets the latest IAB requirements for VAST 3.0 codes.
  • Promotion through creativity: –  Creativity always won hearts even in commercial advertisements. If you or your team can make an impressive short video about your product, your backend is overloaded with subscription messages.

Final assessment

Finally, after reading the above – Do you think “the new ad formats from Clickadu will be successful in impressing digital marketing players, either publishers or advertisers”? In my layout, I have covered everything in details that I experienced during my research. Now it’s up to you, if you think these innovative ad formats are really promising, you’d better go ahead and sign up as a publisher.

I hope our description above can help you to collect some interesting information for maximizing online profit in 2019.

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