The best WordPress themes for Gutenberg

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With the arrival of WordPress 5.0, a new text editor has been introduced for WordPress: Gutenberg. Many makers of WordPress themes are working hard to make their existing themes suitable for this new editor.

Meanwhile, there are also many beautiful new WordPress themes released that are built on all the possibilities that Gutenberg offers. A good reason to switch to a new jacket for your WordPress website. In this article, we put the best WordPress themes for Gutenberg for you in a row. So you can choose from beautiful designs and you can work with Gutenberg right away!


What you should look out for at WordPress themes for Gutenberg

The Gutenberg editor requires theme-based thinkers to think differently. Previously, many WordPress themes consisted of several beautifully laid out pages, but now you can think a lot more in ‘blocks’; different design elements that can be used interchangeably on a page. Because a Gutenberg theme is divided into blocks, you have much more freedom and flexibility to create your own pages.

You also have to choose a WordPress theme that is well maintained, so that you can move forward in the coming years. For that reason, we have only included Gutenberg themes from well-respected theme builders. Finally, a new theme must ensure that mobile visitor traffic is becoming increasingly important. So make sure that your WordPress website works well and quickly on mobile devices.

Which WordPress themes are suitable for Gutenberg?

Many WordPress themes are not (well) suitable for Gutenberg at the moment. In the overview below we have only listed the best WordPress themes for the Gutenberg text editor. That way you can provide your WordPress website with a Gutenberg theme that suits you.

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