The 20+ Most Common Beginner SEO Questions (And Answers)

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Hello Friends, If you are a blogger then you must keep the basic knowledge of seo. If you interview in front of a bigger blogger then he can also ask you questions related to SEO. So today we bring you this post telling us SEO to 20+ Basic about Questions and Answers that are asked frequently interview.

When we go to work, we do not know much about it. By which we find that work very difficult and we think that the work is not on our bus. But when we do that work, then gradually we become deeply knowledgeable about it. After that, we find that work easy.

Similarly, blogging also happens. When we are new to blogging, it is very difficult to find information about it. When we do not create a blog, then we are overconfident and we think that just by creating a blog, the post has to be written so that we start blogging very easy.

Most bloggers leave blogging because they work hard for their blog’s search engine optimization, yet they do not get a better result, leaving them blogging. Most new bloggers have a lot of confusion related to seo. So that he can not properly follow seo.

Most bloggers are related to confusion related to SEO only. But when you understand SEO properly then you will find seo very easy. After that, you will be able to rank your search engine in the search engine by the following SEO properly.

If you are new to blogging then you will have a lot of confusion related to SEO now, to remove it you can read this post till last. We will tell you about basic questions and answers related to SEO. By which you will understand SEO better.

If you are a blogger then you must have deep knowledge about SEO. Whenever you give an interview, you will also find related questions related to SEO in front of you. That’s why you should have deep knowledge about SEO. The questions and answers we will tell you below will often be asked in the interview. Get to know them better.

Top 20 SEO Related Interview Questions and Answers.

1. What do you think about SEO?

SEO is a process by which we receive free traffic on our blog from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. We do SEO so that SERPs of our site are able to rank and increase organic traffic.

2. What are the types of SEO? Define.

Mainly SEO has the following 2 types.

Off-Page SEO: This is a method, in which we have to make backlinks from other sites to your blog so that search ranking is improved. This method comes in a blog posting, guest posting, forum posting, press release submission, and miscellaneous.

On-Page SEO: It is known by its name that whatever optimization happens in the webpage itself. Inside this, there is a lot of informational, fresh content, meta title, meta descriptions, ALT tags, website speed, heading, using keyword and many more.

You can read this post to know deeply about it.

3. What is Crawling?

This is an automated process by the search engine, in which users are stored in their database. Web crawler regularly fresh and with Relevant Keywords Site to check that and to Indexing Information is conveyed to the server. If we talk in simple language, Google collects information from a webpage and stores it in our database. This process is called crawling itself. When the process of indexing begins only after crawling.

4. What are Backlinks?

Backlinks or inbound links are incoming links to your site, which users for the transfer of a webpage to another use is made. If you do not understand, then we will tell you that when a link to our blog is added to another website, it is called a backlink itself. Backlink has a great contribution to rank the blog in the search engine.

5. How many types of backlinks are there? Define.

Basically, backlinks are of 2 types only.

Nofollow: There is an attribute of rel = ‘nofollow’, which is why this link does not pass the pass and the search engine does not follow it. That is, the search engine bot ignores it and the value of the nofollow backlink in front of the search engine is nothing.

Dofollow: This link passes the passage and the value of the search engine is very high. We need dofollow backlinks to improve our site’s search ranking. It helps in improving both domain authority and search ranking of the site.

6. What are Outbound Links?

When we add a link to another webpage or website in our blog or website, it is called outbound, External or Outgoing link.

7. What are Inbound Links?

When we add the second URL of our own blog to our blog, it’s called inbound or internal link. Normally, when we add any other post to any post, it is called an internal link.

8. What is Google Bot?

Googlebot or web spider is used to show results in Google. This webpage collects details from cache, crawl, and webpage to index it.

9. What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are a type of tag that is used in the head section of a webpage. They are all basically hidden keywords that are invisible to visitors but are visible to the search engine bot. Search engine follows these meta tags.

10. What does SEO Audit mean?

SEO Audit is a process of fully analyzing a website, in which all the reasons are reported, which hurts the search ranking. If we talk in simple language, then it shows that where you have made a mistake in SEO optimization and why your site’s search ranking is low.

In this process, Link Analysis, Loading Speed Check, Meta’s Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Site Structure Check, Indexing Issues Check, 404 Errors Check, and Redirect’s Issues Check are checked and the search is also about improving ranking.

11. What are DA and PA?

DA stands for Domain Authority and PA ie page authority are both different things. It is made by Moz. Moz follows the backlinks of our domain, following the domain age and many factors, which we know as domain authority. PA is given the basis of the page quality of the webpage or the website.

12. What is Google PageRank?

Pagerank is a system of Google and it also gives a site rank based on backlink and quality. The website that follows its guidelines, gets more rank.

13. What is Bounce Rate?

If a visitor comes to your site and he immediately goes out of your site then this is known as the bounce rate. Normally, this happens in percent. If its percentage is high then it is not okay.

Normally, if the Bounce rate will be less than 50% then it would be nice. If you are over 50% then you will need to care. This means that most people come to your site and quickly get back. That is, they are not getting any special content in your blog so that they get back from your site.

14. What is black hat and White hat SEO?

You all know that 2 techniques are used for seo in any website. White and black hat seo

When we try to improve our website ranking by following Google ‘s guidelines, it is called white hat seo. This is the best technique by which we can improve the search ranking without any risk.

When we use the unethical technique to increase the search ranking of the site , then this is called black hat seo. That is, by spamming in this method, the rank of a site is only done in black hat seo. When someone uses a black hat seo, it is most likely to get a penalty from the search engine .

15. What are the Organic Results?

If we search on Google then there are free results show there. This is called organic result only. It shows the exact result of the query entered by the user .

16. What are Paid Results?

Paid results show up on organic results in SERPs. It has been shown by advertisment. The owner of the different website pays Google so that his site can rank on a certain keyword. For example, if you search on google hosting keyword then there will be show hostgator , godaddy , bluehost and many more hosting paid results. If you want to show paid results in Google, you can do it through AdWords.

17. What is a long tail Keyword called?

We will not tell here in too much detail here. Let us know that when more than 3 words are added together, a keyword is called long tail keyword. This is more powerful than any particular keyword.

18. What are the LSI keywords?

The latent semantic indexing (LSI) is basically the same keyword as the keyword entered by the user in the search engine. When you search for some specific keywords by Google, some related keywords will appear in the bottom. This is called LSI Keywords.

19. Which are the most common ranking factors in SEO?

The 3 most important ranking factors in SEO are content, backlinks, and RankBrain.

20. What is the meaning of Robots.txt?

It tells search engine bot what page of your blog is indexed and what pages do not index. If you do not want to index a page in the search engine, it can block it by robots.txt.

21. What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is paid advertisment for promoting a website. This will bring search engine visibility to the site at the top of the Paid result section.

Final Thoughts,
These were the common questions and answers of some SEOs. You should know as being a blogger. All these questions can often be asked during the interview. If you still have any confusion related to seo then you can ask us by commenting today . We will try to assist you in every possible way.

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