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Acceptable topics:

 Social media, SEO, digital marketing tips
 All about blogging tips and tools
Freelance writing: Tips, tools, listicles, success stories
Side gigs/hustles: Ways to make money, especially when done online
  • Please respond to most comments (at least within the first week). Otherwise your links will be removed at some point
  • StechBlog may edit your content lightly
  • Use < H2 > subheadings.
  • Keep paragraphs short  (~2 sentences)
  • Don’t publish salesy articles and/or sound overly promotional
  • Avoid highly technical pieces or a boring, overly dry tone
  • Be detailed and don’t just provide generic information
  • Include a featured image and more images in the body (use our Pixabay plugin)
  • Back up your claims, for reference (link to case studies, statistics, etc)
  • If posting your previously-published content, link back to it with a short note, such as: “This article was originally published on []”. 

Reminder: Please respond to most comments (at least within the first week). Otherwise your links will be removed at some point


This site is ideal for freelancers and self-employed enthusiasts. Our audience is interested in “how-to” guides and ways to make more money independently.

Acceptable Content

All categories require a minimum word count (the longer the better).

Gigs & Freelance category (Popular!)
600 words minimum.
Creative ways to make side income and being independent (especially through a computer or smartphone).
Think of topics such as “How to Make Money by Doing XYZ” and  “Get Paid to XYZ.”

Writing category (Popular!)
700 words minimum.
Freelance writing tips; ways to make money as a writer.

Blogging category
800 words minimum.
Social media, increasing blog traffic, WordPress tips, email marketing, and general blogging.
Note: This is the least favourite category for readers at the moment (relatively unpopular).

Topic Examples

Note: Topics on programming, design, and anything that’s highly technical is generally NOT accepted.

Ensure that your topics are fairly easy to implement. Think of the stay-at-home mom or dad who learns about an interesting idea and decides to try it with little hesitation.

Ideal examples include:

10 Apps to Make Money

These Companies Pay You to Check Your Email

Can You Make a Full-Time Income with TaskRabbit?

How to Deal with a Client Face-to-Face as an Introvert

How to Launch Your Freelance Business in 30 Days

How I Make $3,000 per Month as a Blogger/Writer

10 Overlooked Freelance Writing Techniques

7 Habits for Guaranteed Blogging Success

Tone and Quality

Your tone should be friendly and conversational.

Be detailed. Don’t just scratch the surface. Explain how something works and provide examples/stats/links.

If you mention a case study or any external reference that supports your article, please link to it.

Please break paragraphs into 2-3 sentences each. A wall of text is unattractive.

Note: If your content is excessively poor, too generic or vague, we will leave it unpublished until you fix it.

Article status

Previously-published content must link back to the original source at the beginning or at the end. For example: This article was originally published on [].


1-2 self-serving links allowed in the body, only if they are essential to the article.

Adding Images

All articles must have a Featured Image and (at least) one additional image inside the body.

Click the Pixabay icon available from the New Post screen to add them.

if you have a any question please feel free to contact us

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