Some Gmail Essential Tips To Make You a Gmail Expert

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Who does not know Gmail in the world of E-mail, in today’s Smart Round, where Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo are many email service but the most popular is Gmail. Today I’m going to tell you this Gmail’s tips and tricks which will benefit you a lot and these Gmail tricks will make you a G-mail expert. Master 8 Gmail Tips and Tricks Tutorial in 2019.

Using Gmail is quite easy and it provides a truly user-friendly email service, which makes it even more popular.

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8 Best Gmail Tips and Tricks in 2019

Here I am telling you about Top 7 Gmail tips & tricks, all this is useful and helpful to all Gmail users, please read the post carefully.

1. Scheduling Email

Yes, let me tell you that you can schedule G-mail like Facebook Post. You must install an Extension named for Boomerang for Gmail to schedule an email.

You can draft your email with the help of this. After installing this extension, you will get the option to schedule an email.

2. Google Calendar

If you always use Gmail, then this tool can be very useful to you. You can add Google Calendar to your account. This is a feature of Google Labs. You can access it by going to Settings >> labs and changing the calendar gadget.

3. Multi Gmail In One Browser

Many of you will know about this feature. If not, today I will give you this point that we have many Gmail accounts and we have to go from one browser to another browser in order to access all of these emails simultaneously.

But the way I am telling you, you will get rid of this problem. To use this trick, you have to go to your profile icon and click Add-Account and you can add a new account and manage.

4. View Last Seen of Account

You have a lot of work to do in this trick. With this, you can see that no one has opened your account and what time is open.

You can find information about Time, IP address and Browser by clicking on the Last Account Activity option at the bottom of your main page and going to Detail.

5. Setting Up the New Theme

Friends, we always get bored with the same design of Gmail, so there is no need to worry anymore because in Gmail you can change the theme.

For this, you need to go to Setting and select the option of Themes and then choose Set Theme, then select any theme from your own. You will get the option of Color Theme, HD Theme and Custom Theme

6. Undo send Send Email

Many times it happens with us that we are sending mail to someone else but it goes to someone else or we send a mail to somebody and after sending it we remember that adding some more things So let me tell you the trick to avoid this.

First of all, you go to General Settings and then you will get an option below Undo Send, then you can enable it and you get the time limit as you want.

7. Removing Unnecessary Tabs

If you want to delete primary, social, updates and promotion etc. in Gmail, then I’ll tell you. Go to the Inbox in Settings then go to Categories and delete the unwanted tabs.

8. Send Big Files

Friends, as you know, we can not send more than 25 MB of any file to Gmail. If you want to send more than 25 MB file size, you can go to Google Drive and share the file link.

You can share a file up to 15 GB from Google Drive.

Friends were some of the fun tips from Gmail that will give you a different experience of using Gmail. If you find this post good, then share it and if there is any problem, then comment on it and tell us.


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