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Today we are Yahoo! Learn about the Bing Ad Network, what is Media.netwhat it does, how it works and how money can be earned through it. In the previous article, I gave you information about Google Adsense about what it is and how it works. Today, we will know about another ad-network like that, that is, what is, and how it can earn money like Adsense. is the second largest contextual advertising platform after Google Adsense all over the world. This is Yahoo and Bing’s ad network, which is very popular for bloggers and webmaster. Through this, bloggers can easily earn more money. It takes a lot of time to get approval from Google Adsense, and due to a small mistake, Google also closes our account. In such a situation, you can earn money online using, which is Google Adsense’s alternative ad network. You can use as you like Adsense in your blog. With this ad network, you can show all the ads that you show using Google Adsense.

As I said that is a contextual ad network, it means that it gives an advertisement on the base of which your content is written on the base. As if you have written content above the smartphone, will show your viewers related to the smartphone in the same page. Using, you will find high quality advertisements in your blog, which will help you earn more money. is a invitation based network where you can not connect directly to this ad network, you will need someone’s reference invitation to join. does not support all languages, it only supports the English language. So if your blog is in Hindi then you will not be able to use for your blog. High-quality content is important in your blog to get approval from Whether your blog is small or not, if your content is good and your language is in English then you can easily get approval from


Features of Ad Network

1# contextual advertisements

As I have already said that any advertisement found on the page of your blog will be on the basis of your content.

2# High Revenue

Your ads quality will be quite good in and many of the ad network’s optimization techniques will help you earn as much money as possible.

3# Mobile Ads

This feature is a very special feature of this network, uses mobile technology to detect the mobile browser and show mobile ads in the device which increases the likelihood of getting more money.

4# Account Manager

You will find very few ad networks that give you access to the account manager. provides you with the facility. When your account is verified on, you can fully assist with this ad network team to place ads on your site. They will help you set-up ads in every step.

5# One Account for Unlimited Websites

Once your account is approved in, you can apply ads to all your blogs at unlimited sites i.e. from that one account. However, for all the websites to show ads, all you need to get approval from And you can create lots of different size ads and show them together in your blog.

How to create an account in

To create your account in, you can apply from someone’s reference invitation. After getting the Approval, you can create your own account by filling out the details of your own and your websites. If you have a lot of websites, you can apply for approval only to show ads in all those websites from that same account. After applying, one of the representatives of this ad network will evaluate your site just like you would like to approve the Google Adsense account and after approve your account, your login details will e-mail you. You can read all their terms and policies well by clicking on it in the login and thinking about where to put your ads in your blog, you can add line code to your website.

You may have come to know what is (what is) and how you can use it. By following this process, you can easily create your account in and earn extra money online.

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