How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

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Do you know how to write SEO friendly blog post and why it is necessary for every blogger? Yes, if your question is the same and the answer to this question is that if you reach here you have come to the right place.

Whatever writing article you write, if you write good heading, content, paragraph, you also write with great power. Still, your article appears on page 5-6 in the google search page. What could be a bad news for a blogger? To make this news good news, you will need to write SEO friendly article. If your article in google search also appears in the first page, if this happens, then the traffic of your site will increase significantly.

Increasing traffic is not the work of any batches. If you are a blogger then you will understand what are the benefits of having a traffic extension. No matter how sad you are, let’s know how to write SEO friendly blog post.

SEO Friendly Blog Post How to Write

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. You are writing SEO friendly articles, this means that you are telling Google what topic your article has been written on. Through this, optimizing content for the search engine. All of which have benefits like Site traffic will increase. Your article will be searched on the first page of google. There will be more and more visitors. The rank of your site will increase. All of this has its advantages. Through this, the content that visitors can give to the Google user can be given. Your income will also be bridged.

If you follow the tips given below, you will understand everything.

1. Keyword Research

It’s your mind will come first question keyword is what happens. There is no more rocket science. Whatever Phrase and Sentence you search on Google, is your keyword. Just like you search on google ” How to Make Money from Facebook “

This is your keyword. Now the next question is, which keyword would be better. For this, you have to use tools like Google and have the free tool. Whose name is “Google Keyword Planner”. Keyword You can make such a choice in which competition is reduced, you can quickly rank the keyword.

If you want, you can also give the keyword according to your own, just compete with Google Keyword Planner. Use a Long Tail Keyword for an important point. The advantage of this is that it can also rank the Short Tail Keyword well.

Let’s explain to you what the long tail keyword is and what is the short tail keyword. “TOP 10 best photo editing apps in 2018” This is your long tail keyword. But if you write photo editing apps then this is the short tail keyword. But there is also the short tail keyword in the above keyword (TOP 10 best photo editing apps in 2018). My speaking means to use the Long tail keyword, the short tail keyword will automatically rank.

2. Place the keyword in Title

According to the article you are on, you have to choose your title. And remember one thing that your title is what should be the keyword of your article. Do not make a mistake like this: Your Focus keyword is ” How to Write Seo Friendly Blog Post ” and you are writing something else. So you wrote this in the title of your post. You will understand this, let’s learn something else right now.

3. Use Keyword in your first paragraph

You must also pay attention to this that whenever you write an article, you must first use the keyword in the paragraph. That would be helpful for SEO. If you are writing an article in which the name is “what is so” then you have to take it according to the keyword. I mean “what is SEO” written in paragraph anywhere. But keep one thing in mind that your keyword is written in a natural way. Do not write the keyword knowingly and repeatedly against Google’s guidelines. The keyword Stuffing also speaks this.

4. Use Image Alt Tag

No search engine can read the image. Rather you have to tell the search engine that you have used the image and the image is related to it. You must enter the name of the image in the alt tag. If you have Image of Seo then you have to type SEO in the alt tag. This is what the search engine detects about what the image is about. Use Keyword in the alt tag, this will optimize your article.

You can also use the plugin named Seo Friendly Image. One more thing to compress the image is that the page Load time will be reduced. Whenever a google image search, your image can also appear there.

5. Use Heading and Subheading (H2 and H3 Tag)

Using Heading and Subheading is itself an SEO. Let us remember that visitors from Heading know that what is actually written inside.

By the way, Heading and Subheading mean you have to use Konka Keyword in H2 and H3 tags. But remember that you did not write the same words as Exact which is Keyword, make a few changes and then write it. Like an example, “How to Write Articles” In return, you can also write “How to Write an Article Good” You can also write this in the H2 tag and write in H3.

6. Bold the Important and Related Keyword

You can do this post after writing the post. This is also a good way to write SEO friendly topic. In this, you just need to bold and related keywords. It will be easy to focus on the keyword search engine. (This does not mean that you should bold everyone). This way, Visitors also have easy access to content in the article.

7. 1 to 2 Italic keyword

You mean some words to italics from 1 to 2 focus keywords. This will also make a difference in your article. One thing to remember is that you do not write a word for the ranking or sentence repeatedly or else the user will also find your article boring.

8. Outbound Link To High-Quality Sites

You might have noticed that there are some great sites. Sites that have CPC, Rank, Page-rank are also more. Link those sites to your page You are writing an article whose name is ” What is Blogging ” in which you can link ‘Blogging’ with another site. Link to a URL with Blogging Word and it can also be from Wikipedia site. Anyone who clicks on a blogging session will redirect to WIKIPEDIA Page.

All sites like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple are all high-quality sites. You can link some words to your site with all these. Google considers it a bottle. You can also watch the video to understand it well.

9. Internal Links to Related Article

If you have to watch the video then you will know what I want to explain. Internal Links to Related Article This means, link another post in the middle of your article. If you have written about the quality article in your article, then you can link “What is SEO” post in the middle, that too will be your post written. Would it be that the engagement of your site remains? Visitors will continue to read the second post of your site. The Bounce Rate will also be intact. These were some information about internal links.

10. Write High-Quality Content

Whatever SEO you want, use Keyword but if you do not write for User then there is no use. I mean you have written quality content like that, Relevant content, User-readable content, Complete content. You wrote that after reading the user, I thought that I got what I needed. You also pay attention to Article length. 700 words of writing were written. When you write quality content then forget about SEO, just like everything Google wants to get out of the heart.

11. Blog URL

The Blog URL has a great deal of importance to the Search Engine Optimizing article. Enter a URL that contains just the keyword. Your keyword is Google. Take an example The best example of this is that the blog URL should be something like this. Some of the URLs like are not too specific.

12. Use Meta Description

In Meta Description, you have to summarize the entire article. Whenever you publish the post, you should first see Meta Description once. In this, you have to use the keywords you have used in your post’s Heading, Title description, subheading. It tells Google that your post is about Kiss. Google also makes it easy to search. This description should be of approximately 140-150 words. You should never copy B Meta Description. Must use the related keyword. Write Meta Description in the head tag in WordPress.

My last opinion on this article

So friends know today’s information is quite important for every blogger. Including SEO Friendly Blog Post How to write about it was. If you’re a Blogger and want to come up with a list of some big bloggers, then try using all the above tips. You remember that you are writing for a user or not for the money. One of my sayings is “Do not Write Articles for Google Write Article for User”.

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