How To Use SEO With Blogger? 6 Methods To Optimize Blogs

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We all know the importance of SEO in blogging. It helps us to rank higher in Google search so that people can see our blog without going too deep in search results.

Since most of us start with a free blogging platform which is either Blogger or WordPress, we are not able to fully optimize our blog if we don’t know How To Rank It High on the google search. But then the question arises If we can actually apply SEO techniques on our blogspot blog?

You Can.

It takes some time and practice to figure out what actually works best for you to attract your target audience. But once you get it, you can easily rank up your blog. I have seen a number of blogspot blogs on Google’s first page with thousands of shares.

Now you know that you can optimize your free blog for best results but How?

You can easily find SEO plugins for WordPress but since Google isn’t focusing on Blogger, we have to come up with some methods of our own.

Optimize Blogger With These Methods!



Method #1

Change your keywords and main topic into Headings. This focuses on what you have actually written about and shows your blog in its results.

  • Write a Heading in your Blog.
  • Go to HTML on the top left side of your screen
  • Find Where you have written your Heading
  • Look for the tag <h2> and <h2/> and change ‘h2’ to ‘h1’ on both places.

If you don’t want it to be bold then unmark the bold sign. It will keep that phrase a heading but will not highlight in actual results or just remove the bold tag in HTML.

Method #2

Be more specific while writing your blog. Stick to your niche and avoid telling stories or filling the blog with irrelevant content which reader might not find useful. Keep it short and try to make your blog as informative as you can.
Most people never read 10,000-word blogs. They either save it for later or avoid your blogs (depending on what you write about).

Method #3

Enter Keywords. Now I know most of the people are confused about What are Keywords and How To Use Them. They help a lot in ranking the blog.

Well, Keywords are Words that you use in your blogs to optimize and make your blog visible to other people on search engines.

These suggestions tell you how you can Utilize your keywords. These are the most searched things and chances are that people are willing to read your blog too. If your blog has useful content then Google will upgrade its ranking as well.

You can add those by writing your keywords in the Labels of your blog(on right side dashboard).

Method #4

Write great meta description and Tags. If you want people to click on your blog then to need to be more influential. you have to add exciting meta description and tags so you make the Viewer feel that your blog is worth reading and he may find what he is looking for. Make it wide-ranging covering all topics related to your blog or whatever you mention in it but in a very short and precise way.

You Can Add those by Going in Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags. You can easily do that by Writing about it in Search Description (same dashboard where you add Labels).

Method #5

Link building. It is another great way to increase ranking and drive traffic to your blog from other Blogs but the main problem is to find and actually have a conversation with the writer of other blog and even bigger is to convince them to use your blog on their site, page or whatever!
One way is to search 5-6 pages on google and pick a small blogger and ask him to do this. He will never refuse because he too wants to do this with someone. This might not create any drastic change but if you do this with 10-12 other blogs, then it will sure help you! Finding them is not an easy work because even after 5-6 pages on google search, mostly big websites show up! 

Method #6

You Need to Keep Trying New Things. If something works then use it in your other blogs. SEO will not work if you publish one blog in a month! You need to be regular and willing to write more and more useful content. It will take time to show you actual results and will come in the eyes of others. It isn’t going to happen overnight!

Keep your blog simple and sweet. Full of information and precise. No one comes back when you waste their time by telling irrelevant content.

Have Great Blogging!

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