How to Turn Your Windows Laptop/Computer into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Hello, friends Welcome to StechBlog. In today’s post, we are going to tell you How to Turn Your Windows Laptop/Computer into a Wi-Fi Hotspot If you want to share the laptop’s internet and want to know how to share internet, you are reading the right post because today you will know that How to Turn Hotspot on Your Laptop

How to Turn on Your Computer Also you will learn today through this post. We will explain this in a very simple language. Hope you will love our posts. In the same way, you continue to like all the posts coming to our blog.

All people use the internet. A lot of work can be done today through the internet. The Internet can also be used on mobile and can be used on computers or laptops. Laptops or Mobile can provide Internet data from one device to another via Hotspot.

Sometimes it happens that we need internet and in our device, the internet ends, in this situation, we can use the Hotspot. The Internet is used by connecting Hotspot to most places like banks, offices or colleges etc. At these work sites, use a hotspot to connect computers or laptops to the Internet.

If you want to share the Internet data of your laptop then you can read this post from Laptop How to Turn Hotspot on Your Laptop from the beginning to the end. Only after reading the post from the beginning to the end will you get full information about it.

 Hotspot on Laptop

To turn on the hotspot in a laptop, your laptop should have WiFi. If your laptop is Windows 10 then you will not need to download any software.

You can turn on the hotspot without downloading any software, just be aware that if you want to make hotspots from your laptop then your laptop should be connected to Ethernet:

  • Go To Setting

To turn on Hotspot, first you have to go to Setting, then click Setting.

  • Click Network & Internet

Now you have to click Network & Internet in Setting.

  • Click Mobile Hotspot

In the Network & Internet Setting, click on the Mobile Hotspot option you will find.

  • On Mobile Hotspot

Now turn on Mobile Hotspot.

  • Tap On Edit

You can change the name and password of the hotspot by clicking Edit and save it now. You can now connect the hotspot with the filled name and password here.

Hotspot on Computer

If you do not have a laptop and you want to turn on the hotspot on the computer, you can run the hotspot on your computer in Windows 7, Windows 8. For this, you have to download the software. We are telling you some software from which you can download and install any software on your computer:


This is a hotspot software that works in Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can download it absolutely free:

  • Download Mhotspot Software

First of all download this software Mhotspot on your computer.

  • Install Software

After downloading it now install it.

  • Open Mhotspot Software

Install and open the software.

  • Set Hotspot Name

Now you have to give the name of the hotspot.

  • Set Hotspot Password

After this, set the password for your hotspot.

  • Tap On Start Button

After setting the password, click on the Start button. Now you can connect any device to your hotspot and use the internet in your device.

My Wifi Router

With this software also you can turn hotspot on your computer. For this you need to download it to your computer first:

  • Download My Wifi Router

First, download this software My Wifi Router in your computer.

  • Install And Run

Now download it and run it now.

  • Set Hotspot Name

Here’s the name of the hotspot, you can set it according to your own.

  • Set Hotspot Password

After this, you can change the software computer’s Default Password Show.

  • Tap On Activate Button

Now click the Activate button to share the hotspot and connect it to your device.


With this software also you can share hotspot from your computer. There are 2 versions of this software: Simple version and pro version In this pro version you will find many features.

You can also fix time in the timer, get support for turning off support and turning on. In that, you can share the connection between both 3g and 4g networks.

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