How To Survive The Hacker? Google, Facebook 2 Step Verification

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If you are connected to the digital world Facebook, Google, apps like Instagram and internet banking, and you do not have these 2 step authentication? And how do we use it? So you probably do not love your social media account. Because at this time, account security is the biggest problem for those who use the internet, and because of the absence of strong security, news of day leaks is heard.

Your personal data, financial or banking information on the internet can be avoided once, but if you do not have strong security, you can not always save it and once you have leaked your information. Then the entire balance of your bank account can disappear. Your Facebook account, Gmail account may be used incorrectly and will be the sole responsibility of all of you.

List of data breaches in 2018:

Every year, information about the millions of people is leak due to some unwanted internet activity and many of them also have private information, due to which the people also have a financial loss. Last year alone, many big companies have lost data, where users have linked their personal information as well as important data such as bank account details, passport details, pan card detail.

Company Name No. Of Data Affected
British Airways 380,000 Payment card
Orbitz 880,000 billing addresses.
phone numbers, and emails.
SingHealth 1.5 million Names and addresses in the
Singapore government’s health
the database, and some
patients’ history of dispensed medicines
T-Mobile 2 million Encrypted passwords and personal data,
including account numbers,
billing information, and email addresses.
my personality 4 million Facebook customers who used the myPersonality app.
Saks and Lord & Taylor 5 million Payment card numbers 6 million Email addresses and encrypted passwords
Cathay Pacific Airways 9 million 860,000 passport numbers;
245,000 Hong Kong identity card numbers
Careem 14 million Names, email addresses,
phone numbers, and trip data
Timehop 21 million Names, email addresses, and
some phone numbers
Ticketfly 27 million names, addresses, email addresses, and
phone numbers
Facebook 29 million Highly sensitive data, including locations,
contact details,
relationship status, recent searches,
and devices used to log in
Chegg 40 million Names, email addresses,
shipping addresses, and account usernames and passwords
Google+ 52 million Private information on Google+ profiles
Cambridge Analytica 87 million Private information on Google+ profiles
Quora 100 million Account info including names,
email addresses, encrypted passwords

What is 2 Step Authentication?

This is known as 2 step verification and two-factor authentication (2FA). This is a security system in which 2 steps is used to log in or unlock an account i.e. 2 different methods are used to login into account.

As an example, if you have turned on 2 step verification for Gmail, then Gmail cannot be just logged in with the help of password. It is necessary to verify whatever method is selected for its 2 step authentication process.

Benefits of 2-factor authentication:

If you do not want to come across the above mentioned big data breaks list and want to secure your account highly, then you should use 2 step authentication.  

how to know? Whether account data has been leaked or not

If you just want to know if your Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account has been leaked or if you have not, then you can check on the has been pwned website.

Features Of 2 Step Authentication:

If you want to set up 2-factor authentication for an account, you can secure the account using its verification features.

Get codes through text message- You can add your personal phone number to 2FA and whenever we log into the account, a verification code in our phone will be sent by text message and it can only be entered in the account later.

Want a phone call instead? Adding this feature will get the code through the call, which can be logged after verifying.

Backup phone numbers – If for some reason you do not have a phone number network, you can get the code in another number.

  • No connection, no problem – The Google Authenticator app that works for Android and iPhone without any connection.
  • You can use Security Key to make 2-step authentication 100% secure. It can only be logged in to the account when it is installed in the system.
  • Backup codes – You can save autographs or use them after verifying authentication once.
  • Register your computers – If you have a personal computer then you can setup it for that you do not need 2 step authentication only for that computer.

How Setup 2 Step Authentication Factor For Facebook & Google?

Every existing account that has been given 2 Step authentication verification system can be enabled by going to its security section and it is a very easy way. If you are not able to see 2FA for some reason then you can check by going to the helpdesk of that account portal. Here I am telling you about 2 step verification at the two most common websites.

How Setup 2 Step Authentication Factor For Google?

From Google’s account, we use all of its applications like Play Store, Google Adsense, Google Ad etc. Some of this place is located in our important information store, which can cause problems if we have leaked for some reason.

In this case, you should set up 2 step authentication for a Google Account and it is very easy. You just have to open and go to the Security section to turn on 2 Step Authentication.

How Setup 2 Step Authentication Factor For Facebook?

Just like Google, the process is very serious on Facebook and Facebook is particularly important, and due to FB data breaks last year, its problems have increased and this is why it wants to secure the account of each user.

You will have to log in to FB account and go to Setting from Security and Login and you can enable 2 Step Authentication from there.

Friends, What is 2 Step Authentication? Why is it used and how much can it benefit you? I have explained this in detail, you must enable all 2-factor verification. This can make you very safe and save you from future cyber attack. If you have any thoughts about it, then you must share in the comment.

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