How to Start a Business: A Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs

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Nowadays, more than 50% of the world’s population is on the internet. Creating a business has become a better option for making money. Doing business online can have different aspects on the internet such as acquiring paid traffic but today I’m going to talk about creating a blog. A blog allows a priori to express itself through articles, published regularly. But by maximizing the benefits of a blog, you will see that it can earn you much more than you think and especially 7days / d and 24/24 this is the power of the internet.

Start a business with an online business that pays 24 hours a day


1- What is a blog?

A blog closely resembles a website, but some elements differentiate them. Its main purpose is to share your skills in a particular area. Its purpose is not purely commercial. Nevertheless, when you have a large number of people following you, you can exploit your popularity to earn money. Indeed if you show your skills visitors will have confidence and so engage with you and buy your products.

Creating a blog

To create a blog, you have to go through the following steps:

Find a name

Before creating a blog, it is necessary to define exactly your goal by creating it, and the image that you wish to express. To do this, you must find an attractive name, and especially descriptive. It must already reflect the topics you want to talk about in your blog. The name must attract the attention of Internet users, it must make you want to explore, to follow the content of your blog. For more usability, you can use word games, which are easier to memorize.

Choose a host

The choice of a host is mandatory after registering the address of your blog. You can opt for a free web host or a paid platform, depending on your budget.

  • Free hosting

A free host allows you to benefit from the services of a host without paying anything. But this type of host is only recommended to start as a blogger. The concern is that the advantage is rather on the side of the host. Indeed, it will be the most displayed on your blog in the domain name and you will be blocked it’s not great.

  • Paying host

By opting for Paying Host, you will benefit from more functionality. You keep your independence, SEO will be much more effective with Google and if you want to change host in the future it will be easier in the future. In short, you keep your independence, it’s more pro and Google SEO level is much better.

  • Installing cms on your blog

If you opt for a free web host, you will not need to install your blog. On the other hand, if you opt for a paying platform, you will have 2 possibilities for installation:

  • If you can start the installation of WordPress (the interface that allows blogging) from your control panel, the installation of your blog will be easier because you will not have to manipulate the code. Most pay hosts allow to install it in 1 click through their interface as at o2switch with their Cpanel.
  • The second possibility is more complicated. It intervenes if you install the software via your computer. You will need to modify a configuration file before installation, using an FTP client.
  • But you can find detailed information on the platform of your choice.

Once the blog is installed, you can start writing articles on the cms: WordPress interface. Do not forget that your goal is to attract people to your blog, through articles about the subject that you master perfectly. You must be natural and concrete in your remarks. To do this, choose only topics that really fascinate you. Do not rush into your essays, take your time. Over time, you will make a reputation as an expert in a field you master. Internet users will trust you and you will have more and more followers.

2- Make money from your blog

You have many ways to make money with your blog, once there is notoriety. Before you start, you must know that it takes a lot of patience before earning your first Euros. It can take 6 months or a year. Only the most persevering gets there. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Product tests

The first way to make money on a blog is to perform product testing. A brand or other intermediary offers you to write and publish articles about a specific product. The product will be supported by images. The brand opts for your blog thanks to its notoriety and its seriousness. You will need to register on different products where the tests are offered. The service that the brand offers you is to use your popularity to speed up their sale. It is often paid with a free product. We find this mode of monetization especially among beauty bloggers or products sport, fashion etc. On a blog like mine, you can imagine that this is not going to be the case.

We will be more about start-ups who want to talk about them.

  • Benefits of bloggers

Participating in product testing provides multiple benefits to bloggers. The remuneration is fixed and fair. You will not have to refer to the numbers of views to define your remuneration.

The test of the products of big brands only boosts the notoriety of your site. People will be used to refer to your blog before benefiting from the products of a specific brand. So it’s a way of having things to say while being paid.

When product tests are offered online, you have the right to request the test price without having to commit yourself.

Your writing will not depend on the advertiser. On the contrary, the brand has chosen you through your way of writing and convincing people through articles. You have every right to criticize the product.

A wide price range is available, allowing you to freely define your price. Also, this type of service adapts perfectly to other forms of monetization.


-Sell training on your blog

Over time, people will trust your expertise and will come to you regularly to learn more. In this way, the number of subscribers on your blog will continue to grow and your training will be more and more followed. But to do this, you will need to do some studies to determine if your training will sell well.

  • Conduct a market study

Doing a market study is a very important step to remember. It allows you to anticipate the expectations of customers and people who follow you closely. This will give you the potential targets, as well as all your competitors who are doing the same thing as you. A market study is also a way to anticipate the worries and obstacles that you will be able to face once the training has been launched. Generally, this is done in the form of a survey of your audience. What are their main problems and how to solve them?

It will be necessary before having recovered emails of your visitors to be able to exchange with them on these subject of course. This by subscriptions to the newsletter or with a gift offered to them in connection with your theme.

  • Frame the proposed service

To fit the service you offer, you need to know exactly what kind of skills you are going to sell. To make sure you sell, sort out your knowledge and market only those most in demand on the market. To do this, you can proceed to an offer with drawers offering varied services, according to the needs of the customer and gradual to progress and leave the choice to the customer.

  • Dare to fix a good price

If you want to make money with your blog thanks to your expertise, you must dare to offer prices at its fair value. Remember, you spent a lot of time and it took a lot of patience to be where you are. So, you deserve to be paid at your fair value. It is essential to avoid offering a low rate because you risk damaging the image of your blog. It will be a cheap blog and people will not be interested even if your articles are interesting. Also, you will hurt the image of other bloggers working in the same field as you, who can be called dishonest. Evaluate the content and price with training that you could buy, or by asking your entourage.

  • Promote your service

The best way to expand your audience is to promote your service as much as possible. Otherwise, you will be late to make new customers, because your blog will remain little known. To promote your blog, you can organize an event, interacting with other bloggers. In this way, you can inform people of your presence on the web, highlight your services to encourage them to visit your blog. Regarding Google and the traffic, it will be necessary to be patient and make invited articles in the others with links pointing you.

Make the affiliation on his blog to earn more

Affiliation is another option to earn even faster money through a personalized blog.

-Principle of affiliation

Affiliation is to promote a product offered by a brand or affiliate platform. Here again, the platform or the brand are convinced of your notoriety and request your services to sell or present a product to their customers. Apart from the articles or videos written on the product, the affiliate must put a link allowing customers to quickly buy the product concerned. And thanks to code, the affiliate can quickly detect the affiliate who influenced the sale. The cookie stays on the user’s computer and you earn a commission on sales through your link.


In general, affiliate compensation through the platform is by percentage of sales. You can then earn up to 40% but this can vary from 5 to 40 in general sales that you achieve. But it is also possible that you are paid for clicks. That is to say that you will receive a remuneration in relation to the number of visitors who wish to discover the product, by clicking on the link.

Affiliation Platform

  • An affiliate platform is responsible for managing or participating in an affiliate program. The platform allows the advisor to manage its activities, thanks to a management interface provided. The platform offers them affiliates that correspond to them.
  • The affiliate platform is responsible for the payment of affiliates, which is done securely.
  • It also allows affiliates to apply for advertisers’ offers

For affiliates, the platform is also a way to safely accumulate commissions due by offering their service to advertisers. Tools are also available, allowing them to participate simultaneously in several affiliate programs.

Video Training

One of the best ways to attract as many people as possible to your blog is to do a video or e-book training.

This requires less time to create video training than an ebook. Then there are platforms like Vimeo to host your video and platforms like Koonéo for sales automation and delivery of video with payment system etc.

Developing video training

It will be necessary to make chapters and tutorials step by step filming or filming your screens. also putting links to useful resources for the student and assistance by email.


It is quite possible to offer remote coaching on a blog, so once a week or twice a month, you coach the reader and you advise him to progress by giving him assignments to do, by advising him.


2- The YouTube channel

YouTube is probably the most visited site by Internet users, in terms of video. This is the ideal platform to post your videos. After finalizing your video, it will be necessary to share it with your audience and that can be complementary to a blog People will discover you by the similar videos proposed by youtube or then by the searches carried out on Google or youtube mainly.

To monetize a youtube channel it happens in the description where we put links. This can be affiliate links to earn commissions or subscribe to your newsletter to offer products by mail. The goal is to capture free traffic that might be interested.

But it is possible that it is thanks to your video that potential customers discover your blog. Affected targets will subscribe to your YouTube channel, and all your videos will be tracked as soon as they are released.

3- Social networks

Developing on social networks is an important step in an online business.

The social networks that work best for business right now and that can bring you a world of your products and your site are Facebook and Instagram. The last belonging to the first. They have many features for entrepreneurs and bring traffic. Thus even paid to advertise is very popular with companies because if it is done well it remains profitable.


Remember that even if you already have a business, you can develop your business online because the techniques evoked: The blogging channel youtube and social networks.


Making money online has become accessible to all through blogs. Creating a blog allows you to promote your expertise and earn money. Once the blog is created, you will have to promote it to have a maximum of customers. You can then affiliate by promoting products offered by brands (with affiliation). You can also offer video training by signing into YouTube.

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