How To Secure Android Phone Without Antivirus? – Great tips 5!

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Is Your Mobile Secure? Or, if you say yes, are you comfortable? So let’s know How to Secure Mobile with No Antivirus Virus? 

  • What can be the antivirus mobile safe without?
  • Do you think your mobile is safe?
  • What should not you do in mobile?

We have the answers to these questions! Just read this article to know our stated Android Mobile Security Tips!

And the promise is to you, after this post you will leave Antivirus in your phone! Because, probably you do not know, without antivirus, we can keep our mobile safe! And read the point with # 5 carefully!

Android Mobile Security

You will talk about the security of your mobile! And at the same time, you will also learn how your mobile can be a security/insecurity for you too!

Because all these words are absolutely basic! And these things should know every mobile user! Here’s the security of you and your mobile!

Just understand that your mobile has become the key to your personal information! That’s why your duty is that you take care of its security?

So let’s know ” Android Mobile Securit ” about those 5 ways to keep your mobile safe from viruses!

1. App Permission

If we take an average, we get all 1-3 apps installed on your phone every day! Because today is the time of Jio!

So are all the apps for it all work and benefits for you?

It will not be right to give the answer directly! Because the case is a bit screwy! Let’s know how?

Android Mobile Security

Of course, those apps are of our work! But maybe you are not aware that all those apps take something from you for your work!

Somewhere you know some unknown things, they keep taking the apps!

This thing does not apply to all apps! Because some apps require these permissions! Let’s understand by example!

WhatsApp is a Communication App! So obviously it can take permission for your (Contacts, Microphone, SMS, Location, Storage, Camera etc.)! Because without these permissions it will not work!

Now tell me – do apps with a Camera / Music really need permission (Contacts, Location, SMS etc.)?

If such apps are seeking permissions for access to these things, then this could jeopardize your privacy!

So now the question comes:

What to do to control it?

You have to do only one thing to control it! Because here is the point of attention!

Always keep in mind that from now on, allow only any permissions that you need for any particular app!

Permission Allow / Disallow to Tick / Untick by going to Settings> Applications> [App Name]> Permissions!

Note: This setting is on Android Oreo! Many phones can have different types of settings! So, change your settings according to your mobile …

2. Suspicious link

Do you also visit Websites and Blogs in the press? And inadvertently make such a mistake!

This is something we are totally unaware of! And without even opening it, they do not even know! Just need to take care of that!

Android Mobile Security 

Yes, sometimes such ads on those websites/blogs appear to! Which we can not stay without Click! Because it is a mind-boggling advertisement!

Sometimes without opening anything, the new pages in the browser open automatically! There are some pages that we can not even close Tab!

And then install it in our Mobile (Spyware, Malware etc.) such as Viruses! And then there are a lot of different kinds of Problems in your mobile! Talk of security or hanging problem!

Now Google does not offer Value in the Search Result for Websites with no https://!

That’s why internet browsing is always alert and careful! Do not open any unknown links!

Note: Always take care of this kind of Suspicious Link in your mobile via SMS and E-mail! So be careful while opening them!

3. Download from Other sources

Do you know there are so many apps that you will not find on Google Play Store! Do you know the reason for this? Why do not these apps get in the Google Play Store?

It is also a matter of thinking! Yes or not?

Android Mobile Security – Image Credit:

If I tell this thing directly … then the apps can prove to be harmful to your privacy and mobile!

This is probably why there is no room for them on the Google Play Store! This thing absolutely indicates that a cheater should never give place in his heart/life!

So from now on, do not install any App from the Internet website or download that app’s APK file!

So, friends, I would advise you that the App is not present in the Play Store of our mobile! Please do not download it from any more! No matter how great the app is!

Note: Just think … if that app is so great and trustworthy then why has not it been published in Google Play Store so far?

4. Phone Rooting

Sometimes we try to become a developer without information! And make your mobile Root!

However, by rooting Mobile, we can increase the Functions of our mobile! But do you know this has a great impact on your Android Mobile Security! Let’s know how?

Android Mobile Security – Image Credit: Play Store

Before moving forward, they know that what is the “root”? So if you answer it in a line! Then you will become a “Super Power User” for Rooting Mobile!

This means that you will break your limit! And then you can do anything with your mobile! Like (can increase Android Version, change a font, Remove pre-installed apps … and much more …)

So now the matter comes to the end:

Why Mobile Root is Insecure and bad?

That’s because the warranty of your mobile also gets over after cracking this limitation! And all installed apps get permission to access the mobile Root!

It was only because of security that your mobile becomes very weak! In which Virus comes a lot easier! Because the Mobile Rooting phone is supposed to be the door to the arrival of the Virus!

Note:  Never Root Your Primary Mobile! If you have to do root then do it with old mobile! Whose warranty has already expired!

5. Hacking and modifier app

So friends, to keep your mobile safe, you have to avoid doing it! Because it is by far the most dangerous point of the Android Mobile Security …

Let’s know because this is the most sensitive point?

Android Mobile Security– Image Credit: Play Store

Hahaha … We sometimes install such apps in the way of becoming Hacker! This is because even if we can not hack anyone! But that app is sure to hack us!

Often we do this kind of work for Experiment! For example, to know the Wi-Fi password, to check for WhatsApp Hacking, anyone’s Phone Call Recording, SMS etc. , there are many more such terms…

So let me tell you that hacking is illegal! In spite of this, leaving others aside, you make your own loss!

These Hacking, Spyware Apps Can Hack Your Phone! And it can spread your mobile virus, it can leak your private data!

That’s why I request you to stay away from the insulin! This is better for both you and your mobile!

Last word (Conclusion):

Until now you will have to know! It is not just for your mobile but for your safety! That’s why I always say, be careful, stay alert and keep moving …

So friends, today we go (Android Mobile Security) and how to keep Mobile safe?

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