How To Remove Bad Backlinks From a Website With Disavow Tool

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Friends, all of you must know that backlinks play a very important role in the search ranking of our site. But many cases are such that we remove the backlinks from the search engine forever. Today we are going to tell you in this post how to remove Spammy, Bad or Unnatural backlink? So that Google is escaped with penalties.

If you keep information related to SEO then you know that backlink plays the most important role in off-page SEO. When you have got basic knowledge about SEO, then there you must have told that backlink is the top ranking factor of the search ranking. So you have started making more and more backlinks to highlight your site in the search engine.

But when you try to know SEO more deeply, you will be told that we have to take care of many things to create backlinks. If we do not keep these things in mind then we can do a negative SEO effect.

Well, Google uses more than 200 factors to rank a site, but the top 5 of them comes backlink. Now you will know the value of backlink too much. Actually, the number of backlinks of a website reveals its popularity to the search engine.

In the present time, some people start buying backlinks for the sake of fasting their site, making backlinks with the help of bots, and spamming makes backlinks. When Google takes a little bit about this, then the site is penalized and all its contents are removed from the search engine.

Google wants to give its users the best possible results and in today’s times, Google has no shortage of websites and blogs. So if anyone does not follow Google’s rules, then google removes it from the search engine forever.

There are so many good ways to create Backlink. If you follow a good way to make backlinks, it may take a little longer but it will be a natural link and you will always be a hero in the eyes of Google. If you use the wrong way to make fast backlink, your ranking may be reduced forever instead of increasing.

If you use the wrong way to create a backlink, then your blog will have a negative SEO effect and your site will be permanently removed from Google. Today we will open up on this topic and tell you.

What are bad links
Bad backlinks to negative effect?
Remove spammy backlinks
Find and remove unnatural links.
Google penalties
Link violation
Bad backlinks

What are Bad Backlinks?

You can also call it unnatural or spammy backlink. It’s going to be known only by its name. Let us tell you that backlink with low quality, spamming, and the unrelated site is called unnatural backlink only.

When you buy backlink or receive a backlink from spam site, this is called bad backlink. If we talk about simple language, when our site is getting a backlink from a site whose spam score is too much (70% +) then this backlink will be harmful to our site. This will call bad backlink.

If the number of bad backlinks on our site is very high, then Google will understand that we are incorrectly creating backlinks. Also Google Domain ‘s age and sees both the number of backlinks. If our domain is low and backlinks are very large, then Google will understand that you have made backlink by purchasing or spamming. So do not make too many backlinks, which seem unnatural to appear.

Due to bad backlinks, there is a negative SEO effect on our site. So create less backlink but create the quality backlink.

How to Find Bad Backlinks?

If you have created bad backlinks, you know it? For this, you have two ways, in the first way you have to create a list of all the backlinks of your site from the search console and then from that site, you are spammy or unrelated to your niche, then get out of it. The other way is that you can use the online tool for it. Let’s know about them in detail.

Method 1: Search Console:

Step 1: First of all your login to Search Console.

  1. Click on the links in the menu.
  2. Now click on MORE below in the box with Top Linking Site here.

Step 2: Now here you will be listed on the site from which you are getting a backlink from your site.

  1. Click here to download this list.

Now you have to check with yourself. If you find any spammy, unrelated or unnatural links in this list, keep it in mind. We will talk about how to remove it. At the moment we are aware of the second method of detecting bad links.

Method 2: Moz Explorer

All of you will know about Moz only that this is a very big SEO company. In its blog, you will find every information related to SEO. We corresponding to find the bad backlinks to your Site Tool of use will. With this, you will be able to easily find spammy, unnatural and spammy backlinks. Remember that moz is a paid tool. You can use it free in limited time

Step 1: First visit Moz Link Explorer site and sign up or sign in.

  1. Add the URL address of the site.
  2. Click on this search icon.
  3. Now click on Spam Score in the left side.

Step 2: Now you will be able to show the list of spam backlinks in the bottom. You will have to show some links here, to show the rest, you have to buy a paid plan . So you can download its list.

  1. Click on Export CSV. After that, the complete list of bad backlinks will be downloaded.

Now all the sites you find in this list will be spammy. These links will have a bad impact on your site’s search ranking. Therefore, it is also necessary to remove them too.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks?

Just as bad backlinks many to Find Ways, the same way too many to Remove Ways is. We are telling you about different ways below. You can follow the way you find it.

Method 1: Remove Link From Profile

When you find out about a bad backlink, to remove it, first of all, you should try that manually you should log in to that site and remove the website link. When you create a backlink, you create a profile in a site and then add the website link. So now you should log in to the same site again and remove the website link.

Method 2: Mail Administrator:

If the method described above does not work then you can follow it. In this, if you want to remove your link from the site, its owner has to send mail. This method is also very much working.

Find out the email address of the site you want to remove. For this, you can use tools like who is If the email is not found, then you can also visit the link of the link removal request by visiting its site’s contact us page.

For this, you have to write in English in mail or message. You can use something like this template

Here you have to make some changes. After doing this, mail it to the website owner, now he will remove your link within 5-6 days. If both of these methods do not work then you can use this method.

Method 3: Submit Disavow to Search Console.

If you have tried both ways mentioned above but still did not reduce it when you finally follow this method. If you have not followed the above-mentioned method then first you follow it. If that does not work then only use it.

You must first create a text file, after that you have to create a list of the URLs or particular domains that you want to remove.

To get the backlink from the spammy site that you are getting, add this URL to the full URL.

If you are getting a lot of backlinks from a spammy website, then you have to block the entire site. For any particular site you must first add domain: add the URL then add it. Something like this


Similarly, you have to remove all spammy links in the text file and save it in a .txt file by giving any name. We save it to disavow.txt.

Now you have to submit this file to the search console. For this, you follow the steps below.

Step 1: First go to Google Disavow Tool and log in from your Gmail account.

  1. Please select your website here.
  2. Click on DISAVOW LINKS.

Step 2: Now click on the Disavow Links button here.

Step 3: Now that you have created a .txt file, then submit it here.

  1. Click on Choose File and select a text file.
  2. Now you have to click Submit.

Now you will see some file being successfully saved. Something like this.
Congratulation! Your site will now be safe from Google penalty. With this method, your bad backlinks will not be removed but google will ignore them. Google will not pay attention to those backlinks. So now you are comfortable.

This way you can avoid negative back effects of negative backlinks. We should be very careful when creating Backlink. I am giving you an example that if you drink milk by going to the bar, then people will understand that you are alcoholic, in the same way when you do something good by going into the spammy site, Google will understand that you are spamming. From which he will give you punishment.

BA backlinks a good thing to do, but make a backlink by following the white hat method. Like the guest post is a very good way.T he allows you to get a backlink from a very large site. At last, I would say to you that never forget to buy backlink by mistake.D due to this many blogs have also got a Google penalty.

Hope you liked this post and you have got some good learning. Please share this post on social media. If you have any questions related to SEO or blogging then please comment.

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