How to Properly Setup Google AMP on Your WordPress Site

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Hello Friends, Today we are going to talk about how do Google AMP setup in the WordPress blog? While some time ago we had told you what are the benefits of using AMP in the blog? We post the blog in AMP Setup Full how-to guide explaining. If your blog is on WordPress then definitely read this post till last.

Google is currently focusing most on mobile optimization. In particular, Google is paying the most attention to Google mobile optimization. If you had attended the Google Search Conference this year, then you should have told that 99% of people in India useGoogle from Smart Phone.

99% of people in India are browsing Google from mobile. That’s why Google is working to improve itself for the smartphone. By the way, Google is still fully mobile friendly but still working for much better features. It was discussed openly in the GSC.

Last year, Google’s mobile-friendly the ranking was made a factor. After Google this year Site Loading Speed the ranking blower factor. It was also announced on GSC.

If you want to optimize your site for mobile as well as fast loading your site, Google and Twitter have made it a very easy way for you. Whose name is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)? However, Google has made it very long ago, but many bloggers still do not know the benefits and do not use it in their blogs.

It uses a lot of advantages that we’ll point by point you down. If your site is not responsive to mobile and slow load, then we would highly recommend that you use it in your blog too.

In my case, I have been using it for some time on my blog. You can see my amp pages by adding / amp / at last to my blog URL. This means that you have https:// www in the browser. Entering has to be visited by visiting. This has given me a very good result. That’s why you are writing this post to everyone.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open source mobile initiative project created by Google and Twitter. Its main purpose is to provide content for mobile users in the shortest possible time. This is only for mobile users. So that your site is fastly loaded in mobile.

When you enable AMP in your site, your site’s data will be cached and stored in Google cache. When a related content from your site in Mobile Search is there on the site of the AMP version will show and her content from direct google cache to click load. In this way, Google will be able to provide content to our mobile users in the shortest possible time.

Apart from this, javascript has been used in AMP. Because javascript is a very slow load, there is a lot of impact on site loading. Apart from this, the important tag has not been used in CSS.

You might be surprised to know that the HTML tags used in the AMP site are not like normal HTML tags. AMP developers have been using their own HTML tag. Google says it can make your site’s loading speed faster by 90%. Your site will also load in mobile devices between 1 to 2 seconds. With this, your site will also be 100% mobile friendly.

Pages with AMP in Google SERPs have been given a different look. A small amp icon show is displayed below its amp site, making it easy to identify pages with an amp. An example of this is that you can see the screenshot below.

What are the benefits of using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)?
The way we tell you about the amp, hopefully, you have understood it well. Now you can also have a question that what are the benefits of using it? The biggest benefit of this is that it can make your site faster by 90%. Let us know about this point by point.

  • This is absolutely free and open source.
    This will make your site 100% mobile responsive. And mobile friendly is a Google ranking factor.
  • This helps improve your site loading. You know that loading speed is also a ranking factor of google.
  • This will make a better placement in Google SERPs for a better CTR for your site.
  • If your site’s hosting server is not much better then it is highly recommended for you.
  • It also performs many improvements on the hosting server of your site.
  • This will not affect your hosting server much.
  • Your site image will be automatically optimized.

How to Setup AMP in WordPress?

Setting up AMP in WordPress is easy. If we talk about the self-build website then it is very difficult. WordPress you plugin easily amp will help enable can. For this, AMP plugin and AMP for WP are both best plugins. We are going to tell you about setting up AMP for WP. Because there are lots of features for customization in it. In the AMP plugin, you will not get the option for customization.

Install AMP for WP plugin:

First of all, you have to install this plugin in your blog. As I told you above that there are many plugins for AMP but in case you would recommend using AMP for WP plugin. Because there are so many functions in it, as you can easily customize. You do not need to install additional plugin too.

Most welcome to your blog. Then go to Plugins »Add New and search for AMP for WP. After that, the plugin will show, install & activate it.

SetUp Sittings » General:

Now you have to add a logo to your amp pages or enable amp, so for that, you go to AMP »Sittings» General
After that, upload the logo to Branding here. In the AMP support, you can do where you want to enable amp. We are just going to enable amp in posts and pages.

SetUp Adsense Ads:

If you have your blog Adsense Ads so do you use in Amp Pages Ads to insert can. For this, first, create an ads unit from Adsense account and copy its Ad client id and Ad slot id.

Now, after you login to the blog, go to AMP »Sittings» Advertising. Here the ad insert option will be for a different place. Save AD # 1 by adding client id and slot id to it. Enable this other AD option to add client and slot id to add.

SEO Setup:

When you enable amp, the code which was added to the header of your theme will not show in the amp page. There will be no part of your theme. Your blog’s head will have to add search engine verification code like google, bing, Yandex. Similarly, you need to add google, bing, Yandex verification code to the head of the amp pages as well. Whenever the search engine will be able to index your site. Right now we are talking about this.

After logging into the blog for this, go to AMP »Sittings» SEO. Now you can add verification code of google, bing, Yandex etc. in the box in front of the head section. Select SEO Plugin for you so do they select do plugin use. As if using Yoast SEO I have selected it.

Enable Minify:

If you can make CSS, HTML, js in your amp pages faster by minifying it. You do not need to install any additional plugin for this. After you go to the Dashboard, go to AMP »Sittings» Performance. After that enable Minify

Setup Google Analytics:

Almost all bloggers use Analytics in their blogs. This lets you know the performance report of the blog. You can also add google analytics tracking code to your amp pages. For this, the option has already been given in it.

After logging in to this blog, go to AMP »Sittings» Analytics. After that add the tracking ID by saving.

Enable Comment:

When you enable amp in your blog then by default, the comment will be disabled. To enable this, go to AMP »Sittings» Comments. If you want to enable comments in Post or Pages in the Display option, enable it. After that, enable WordPress comments as well.

Setup Theme:

You can also select themes of different designs for your amp pages. In this, you will find 4 free themes. If you want you can buy a premium theme too. As its free theme also excellent design has been.

If you want to change the amp theme then after logging in to the blog, go to AMP »Design» Theme. After that, you can choose a theme here.

Setup Menu:

You can also place a menu in your AMP pages header. For this, you have to create a menu by enabling the navigation menu. Let us tell you about it in detail.

First, go to AMP »Design» Header and enable Navigation Menu.

Now you have to create a menu or have already made it enabled for an AMP. For this, go to Appearance »Menu. Now after creating the menu here, tick the AMP Menu below.

if you have more customization, you can customize it live preview by visiting Appearance »AMP. If your blog’s loading speed is slow, then you will also be advised to a set amp. It will also help to increase the mobile ranking of your blog.

You can now check by entering your site’s URL and checking whether er amp is enabled on your blog or not. If you want to check the amp error, please visit

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