How To Monetize a Blog: 7 Most Successful Monetized Method

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How to monetize a blog that makes real money on it?

When it comes to making money by blogging, There are many monetization tips, tricks, and hacks. How do you know that which one of this monetization method works best for you?

Most of them will be outdated and won’t work now.

In this blog post, I’m going to list seven most successful monetized method for your blog

1. Advertising

Placing Banner Ad with different Ad networks like Google AdSense, BuySellAds or is an old school way. But still, they are a most effective way to monetize a blog.

But you should be careful about selecting the place for your ads.

Some people don’t like to monetize the site by Display Ad. They only think that they can Earn more money through Affiliate marketing. But check out, Amit earns makes more money in AdSense. It’s because he did good research and place the Ad on his Blog.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also the best way to monetize your blog. But you need to know some technique to sell others products on your sites.

Most of the new blogger you can earn only 5 to 10 $ per month in Affiliate.


  • Low Traffic
  • High Competition
  • No Email list of right audience.

Unless you have the right audience for your blog, you can make the only a little amount of money from your blog. Most of the successful affiliate marketer earn huge money because they have a targeted audience visiting the blog.

If you check out his blog, Most of his product review will be with coupon. People love to use coupons since they need to save some money when they purchase and also users trust his review. So once they make any purchases using the coupon he will get the commission.

3. Sell your products

Selling your product like Ebooks, Theme and Plugins will help you to Earn money. Also, it will build branding for your blog.

The reason I said it will make branding. Because people who purchase your product will stay connected with you. If your product is good, they will speak to you in other site and forums.

Yoast is the great example of this. One plugin builds up the brand for them

4. Online courses

Offering online courses on your blog or Selling it on online education marketplace like Udemy will make huge money.

But Remember people should trust in your course. is the great example of it.

Brain Dane writes about SEO Training and Link Building Strategies on his blog. His posts are practical, and its rank for leading competitor keywords on Google.

People do trust his content, and his Link Building technique works well. Recently he launches “SEO That Works” more than 1300 people have enrolled it.

5. Sponsorship Review

Sponsored Review or Sponsored Post will help you to earn a lot of money. To get this Sponsorship, either the blogger reaches out to the advertiser, or the sponsor will contacts you directly, asking him to review a product in a sponsored post.

But before you contact them to make your blog look professional and check you got the target audience for the advertisers.

6. Consulting

So, Before monetizing your blog by offering service like Consulting, You should be an expert in your field.

Bloggers who are successful in the field in making money or getting quality traffic means you certainly are an expert on it.

How about using your experience with consulting service. For helping other bloggers who are struggling and willing to spend money to learn how to monetize the blog or in generating traffic.

7. Paid Membership

Paid Membership is a great way to monetize your blog. You can show up your premium content or access your community on your blog with the monthly membership.

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