How To Make Your Blog or Website Mobile Friendly

All of you are very welcome on StechBlog. Today, we are going to talk about something that every blogger or website owner should know about because what we are going to know today is very much like both viewer points of Vienna SEO point of view. Much matter matters.

Ways to make your website or blog friendly

If your website or blog is created on WordPress, then the very first chance that your website will not be mobile friendly will be very few, because every theme created for WordPress’s rock-solid platform is mobile friendly.

But there may be several reasons why your WordPress blog is not mobile friendly or your blog or website is not on WordPress.

If your WordPress blog is not mobile friendly then do not worry too because you can quickly make your blog mobile friendly without any other expert help.

Below are the different ways to make your WordPress blog or website friendly. To make your blog or website mobile friendly, choose the way you think it will be best for you.

Method 1: Select Mobile Friendly Theme

If you are a new blogger or you have recently created your WordPress site, then the first thing to do is to choose a theme for your blog or website. So if you choose a theme for your blog that is already mobile friendly then you will not need to do anything else. By doing so, you can focus on creating and publishing content on your blog, and the rest can be mobile friendly only on the theme of your blog.

Nowadays, every single theme developed for WordPress is mobile friendly. If your WordPress blog or website is too old or because of any other reason your theme is not mobile friendly, then you can change your theme quickly with any other great mobile-friendly theme.

You can read our article below about choosing a WordPress theme:

Method 2: Using Plugins

If your blog or website is on WordPress, then you have another option to select a plugin that will show your content aa s mobile-friendly website, on mobile devices.

There are many plugins available that help make your WordPress blog or website mobile friendly. Keep an eye on whether your theme is mobile friendly or not, you can still create such a great experience for your mobile users by using such plugins.

To make your WordPress blog or website mobile friendly, some of the plugins of official WordPress Repo are given below:

Method 3: Use AMP and Instant articles

AMP and instant articles There are two great ways to present your blog or website in front of a mobile audience.

To learn about AMP in detail and to learn how you can setup AMP for your blog, read our article below:

To learn about Facebook Instant Articles in detail and to learn how you can set up Facebook Instant Articles for your blog, please read our article below:

Method 4: If your blog or website is not on WordPress

Most people who use WordPress will agree with the three methods mentioned above, but if your blog is not on WordPress then you have to take some steps yourself.

If you have created a custom coding website from a third party web development company or developer, then you have to resort to the developer to modify your site’s code for mobile friendliness.

I hope this article will help you to make your website mobile friendly. This article with more and more people share form. If you have any question in mind about making your website or blog friendly, or you want to share your thoughts with us and our readers, then comment below.



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