How To Make Money From Your Blog/Website Using RevenueHits

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Today I’m going to tell you that ‘s How To Make Money From Your Blog/Website Using RevenueHits This is the best alternative ads network to earn money after Google Adsense.

I had told in the previous post how you can earn money by making an account on RevenueHits.  If you just make do not make an account yet Revenuehits Account Sign Up to | To sign up easily in RevenueHits,  click on the Sign Up for earnings button below.

Sign Up For RevenueHits!

RevenueHits Launches MyAdWise Ltd. CThe company was in 2008. This is a CPA (Cost Per Action) based network. If any users come to your advertiser sites and do any kind of action on the advertisements you put in, then you will be earning based on that. Two types of new placement will be found in RevenueHits:

  1. Desktop Placement
  2. Mobile Placement

To create ads in desktop placement, you will receive 8 formats:

  1. Banner
  2. 158×21 button
  3. Footer
  4. Topbar
  5. Interstitial
  6. Popunder
  7. Shadow Box
  8. Slider

To create ads in Mobile Placement, you will get 5 formats.

  1. Mobile Banner
  2. Footer
  3. Mobile Dialog
  4. Notifier
  5. New Tab

You can add any format of both the placements to the blog or site by creating the ones you want

How to create RevenueHits’ Ad Tag Code?

Step 1

Firstly, by entering email and password, sign in to your RevenueHits account.

Step 2

After signing in, the dashboard of your account will be open.


In the new placement, select Desktop placement or Mobile placement. I select Desktop placement to explain to you.

Step 3

Now 8 formats of desktop placement will open on a popup page.

You select the format you want to show the ads on the place of your blog or site.

For example, if you want to place Ad code in the footer of your blog or site, then select the format that is the footer. Or if you want to put the top of the blog in the header then select Topbar. Select banner, interstitial, popunder, shadow box etc. to place the Ads code in a post. If you want to show Ad in the sidebar, then the select slider.

I select the footer banner to understand you.

Step 4

After selecting any format, a new page will open. Initially when you click on the select site dropdown menu, there will not be any site add, so first of all, add the site.

Click on the New Site button to add your site.

Step 5

  1. Site / App Name: Enter the name of your blog or site.
  2. URL: Enter the URL address of your site.
  3. Type: Select Your Website
  4. Category: Select the category of your site.
  5. Description: Write something about your site in it.
  6. Lastly, Click on Save

Step 6


  1. Placement name: Write ad’s placement name. In this, you can give us anything by your name.
  2. On Site: Select your site from the drop-down menu |
  3. Size: Select Ad size
  4. Description: Write anything according to your calculations.
  5. Click on Save.

Step 7

  1. After clicking on the sign of the closing tag, </>, a pop-up page will open which will be the ad code. Copy this code and add it to the blog or site.
  2. By clicking on the icon like Eye, you can see that the format you have selected will show how the ad will be displayed.

In this way, you can create ads for all the formats of mobile placement.

How to Add Ads Code to RevenueHits in Blog or Site?

  1. Read this post to add RevenueHits’ Ads code to the header, footer and sidebar of the blog:
  2. To add code to the post of the blog, first of all, in the post you want to add the code, edit that post. At the place where you want to place the code in the post, type xxxx on it. Then click on the HTML button in the top left side and turn on the HTML mode. Remove xxxx and paste the code on its place and then click on update or publish button.

How to Earn Money from Revenue Link Referral Link and Banner?

Step 1


Step 2

Now a page will open which will be the referral link of the revenuehits.

Copy the link.

  • Apply this link to your blog or site.
  • Share this link with your friends on social sites like facebook and twitter.
  • Add this link to the email and invite your friends to join this network.

Through this link, people who sign up on the revenuehits ad network, according to you, will be earning you. In this way, you can earn paisa from the referral link of the revenuehits.

Step 3

  1. Click Get Creatives.
  2. Select the size of the Referral banner.
  3. Select which banner you like.
  4. Copy the HTML code.

This code will be displayed on your blog or site as a banner. By clicking on this referral banner, you will be earning according to the number of people who join the revenuehits ad network.

So do not be late for friends, just sign up to RevenueHist instantly and start earning money by placing ads on your website or blog and sharing the Referral Link on social sites. Even if you do not have a blog or site, you can earn money from the referral link.

Sign Up For RevenueHits!

Hope you liked it. If there is any problem adding ads to the blog or site by making ads on RevenueHits, then I would like to comment.

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