How To Make Money From Blog?

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If you are a blogger who blogs on platform and you do not know how money is earned through the blog of platform, then this article will be very useful to you.

In this article, I will share information about monetizing blog with various options.

If you are a blogger who has just started blogging soon, you will not know about the different varieties of WordPress.

WordPress offers you to create blogs in 2 ways: is a free blogging platform! This is a great platform to start your first blog. I will never advise you to use it for a long time because you have to face too many limitations on this platform. : is a self-hosted blogging platform where you host your blog on your server. Using this platform is a bit technical. But talking about the advantages of this platform, there is a lot of benefit in it, which we can not count.

If you have been well understood about both WordPress platforms, now we come to the next post and tell you about how to monetize blog.

Make Money In Different Blog before disclosing anything about the blog you should know that you Google Adsense can not use the blog to to.

Google AdSense is a very popular ad program for Hobby and professional bloggers. When we cannot use Adsense on’s blog, then there is only one and the only question in our mind that through other ways, we can earn money from’s blog. So let’s know about those methods in detail.


WordAds for is an advertising solution. It is available for every user but you have to apply for it and when your blog accepts it, then you can avail its advertisement.

I hope all the users will use WordAds on their blogs. Through WordAds you can earning by placing ads on your blog. Using WordAds is very simple and easy. You can apply by clicking on the link given below for WordAds.

Apply WordAds

Important points about WordAds:

  • WordAds is an advertising program where you apply to your blog. After WordAds gets your blog approved, you can start earning.
  • WordAds can earn money by visiting Settings -> WordAds in its Dashboard.
  • WordAds gives you money on no impression on click, which means that the more traffic you have, the more earning you are.
  • WordAds works great for them whose blog is traffic from the US and European countries.
  •  WordAds pays for a minimum of $ 100. You can use PayPal for payment.
  • WordAds approval depends on your blog’s monthly traffic and blog Topic.
  • WordAds can be used with the custom domain name of blog.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is a fourfold thing but it is true that you can use Affiliate Links in’s blog. You can use affiliate links of reputable and legal stores on’s blog. You can not promote sites such as pornography, gambling sites, get rich schemes, multi-level marketing, through affiliate marketing, because it is not considered legal.

You can use affiliate links according to your blog’s article. This is one of the best ways to make money from’s blog, through which you can earn a huge income in short-time.

This is another method by which you can earn money from’s blog. This will work well for you when your blog is a blog that is great for advertisers. When your blog is good for advertisers, then advertisers will pay you for writing your sponsored story.

To make money from sponsored posts, you have to find advertisers who can pay you in exchange for writing sponsored posts on the blog. For this, you have to create an advertisement page on your blog and you must mention that you accept the sponsored post. By doing so you can earn money from’s blog. You have to be aware that if your blog uses any 3rd party ads or illegal sites against’s advertising guidelines, your blog may suspend.


If you have a high traffic free blog then you can apply custom domain by adding WordAds and using it in your blog.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, then migrate your blog to self-hosted WordPress.

In Self-hosted WordPress Blog, you will get lots of benefits from affiliate marketing, which will help you earn passive income from blogs. You need more traffic to earn more than any blog. Along with this, you can earn a better income than sponsored posts.

You should use Native advertising and sponsored articles to earn money from blog, both of which will help you make great money from blog.

If you use free WordPress, then how do you monetize it, give your feedback about blog in the comment box.

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