How to Lazy Load Images on Your WordPress Site

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If you want to improve the page loading speed of your WordPress blog then Setup Lazy Load Images will load the WordPress image only in the viewport and the user’s scroll down. This will pre-load your site from 30% to 40% faster. In this post, I am sharing Step by Step Guide to setup Lazy Load Images in WordPress Blog.

Lazy loading is an optimization technique that loads website content according to the needs. Lazy load images are the only images load that is displaying in the screen of the viewport.

The rest of the image loads when the user scrolls down. This makes the page fast load of your blog and website and your site’s performance is better.

For example, say, 10 images are added to a page of your site. Now when it opens in a browser, all 10 photos will load, which will take time, this results in page loading speed slowing.

Now if you use the Lazy load technique, when you open the page, only 1 image will be loaded, the page will load faster, the next 9 will be loaded on the bottom of the image user’s scroll down.

So let me now tell you the easy and easy way to load lazy WordPress images, Best Lazy Load Plugin for 2019

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How to Lazy Load Images on Your WordPress Site

To make lazy loads of WordPress images, you just have to activate the Lazy Load images and install the images, then images of your site will start loading lazy.

If you want, you can download and install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard. For this, you follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins >> Add New.
  2. Now select the tag and type the name Lazy Load for Images in the search box.
  3. Now click on the Install button.
  4. After the installation is completed click on Activate to activate the plugin.

You do not need to do any advanced setup or configurations in the plugin’s name in the name of this setting, it will start automatically doing the same thing automatically.

How To Know If Image Is Lazy Loading Or Not?

To find out if the plugin is working, open any such page or post in chrome browser which has more than 1 image.

Once the page is fully loaded, right click and click Inspect and select the Network option and scroll down the page.

Now as you scroll down, the other images will be loaded. You can see this example.

By default this plugin lazy load images of post or page if you have to load the image of your theme, then you need to add the lazy load for images plugin in the PHP file in the Hook section.add_filter

How do I use this plugin?

Your question might be that besides many more lazy loading plugins available, why should I use it? So let me tell you that this plugin is the most different.

Lazy Load for Image Plugin Advantages:

  • Plugin uses pure Javascript.
  • No need for jQuery.
  • The size of the Javascript is only 56 bytes.
  • The total size of the plugin is less than 10kb.
  • No setup is needed.
  • Plugin structure is very simple.
  • Image loads only when needed.
  • Lazy loading is SEO Friendly.
  • Visit the plugin page to learn more.

This is a very simple lazy load plugin that has just been developed to make WordPress images lazy load.

Its size is less than 10kb and it uses less than 1kb size Javascript. This will boost your site’s speed more than the other plugin.

The remaining plugins use more than one and heavy javascript whose size is 50kb or more and many plugins work in the desktop but not in the mobile browser. This plugin works in all browsers.

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