In this tutorial, I will tell you about How to Install WordPress on Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

So let’s go ahead and build my WordPress blog on Godaddy hosting.

How to Install WordPress on Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

Installing a WordPress blog on GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is very easy.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: First log in to your Godaddy account and then click on My Product.

Step 2: Click the Manage button in front of Managed WordPress Websites.

Step 3: Click the AddSite button.

Step 4: Next page will get two options.

  • I’m building a brand new site: it does Option Select if new WordPress site will want to install.
  • I’m migrating an existing site: If you want to migrate an already existing WordPress site, then select this option.

If you are installing WordPress for the first time, then select the first option I’m building a brand new site and click Get Started.

Step 5: Select the website domain name on which you want to install WordPress.

After selecting the domain name, click on Next.

Step 6: Select the data centre in Europe and then click on the Next button.

Step 7: Now you have to create a username and password to login to your WordPress dashboard.

  • WordPress Username: insert username in it This will log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Password: Enter Strong Password
  • Confirm Password: Enter the same password again.
  • Click Instal.

Step 8: WordPress installation will take few minutes. Wait a bit.

Step 9: Now WordPress successfully installed! A page will be open. You have to click onGet Started.

Step 10: You can click on the start wizard and enter your website’s title, tagline in the setting, fill up contact information, choose the theme of the site. You can do this work later too.

So you can go to the WordPress dashboard by clicking on any thanks.

Your WordPress blog or website is ready. You can now publish a new post by publishing it.


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