How To Increase Watch Time On Your YouTube Channel

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Friends This post is for those who are on YouTube today in this post we are going to talk about how you can increase watch time of your Youtube channel as you know a new YouTube The update came with this new update from YouTube 2018 has shaken all YouTuber

Actually, YouTube had made updates last year, according to which you had at least 10,000 views on your channel to monetize your Youtube channel and to run it on.

As soon as the new YouTuber accomplished this task and monetize its channel itself, just like YouTube has recently given a new update and this new update by YouTube has made those people sleepy Who has been working on YouTube for 1 year

According to this new update from YouTube, now 1,000 channels of your channel should be 4,000 hours for your channel to monetize and if you have 1,000 Subscriber on your channel, but watch time is not 4000 hours then you can have your YouTube Can not monetize channel

And if you have 4000 watch time on your channel but there is no 1,000 Subscriber, you can not monetize your channel even though, overall, this new update by YouTube has given a lot of bad news to many people, due to which many people youtube channel monetize will be disabled

According to YouTube’s new policy, you have been given 1,000 Subscriber and 4,000 Hours time on the YouTube channel till 20 February, which Youtuber is able to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time on your youtube channel during this time period. There will be no problem with new updates

But those youtube whose channels are not found in accordance with this policy of Youtube, the monotone of those channels will be disabled. One thing is absolutely clear: Monetize of many YouTube channels is going to be disabled by this new policy from YouTube.

Best 7 Tips How to watch time increase on youtube 

Now it comes to how to increase watch time of your YouTube channel as soon as possible. In this post, we are going to tell you tips that you can increase watch time of your YouTube channel and also subscribe to your YouTube channel. So let’s know about these tips.

1. Put Relevant Titles of videos

To increase the watch time of your video, first of all, you have to do focuses on the title of the video, you have to keep the title of your YouTube video so that people are forced to watch your video.

You have to put a question in the title of your YouTube video, to try to see people watch your video, to select a title which people can click on as
much as possible on your video.

2. video poster

If you want to increase watch time on your YouTube channel after this new update, first of all, you will have to make the best poster of your youtube channel as much as the half-time from the time the video is made in the video, Thumbnail Put in making

Unless people like Thumbnail on your video, your video will not be seen by the thermal of your YouTube video so that more and more people click on your video to say it
means the video will play when it is clicked. And when your video is clicked, then watch the video will increase.

3. Maximize On The First 15 Seconds

To increase the watch time of your YouTube channel, one thing to keep in mind is that you have a maximum of time on your YouTube channel so that you have at least 15-second intro video in your YouTube startup, so watch your video. time will increase

4. Number of videos

One thing is clear from YouTube New updates 2018: YouTube’s subscribers can get thousands easily, but watch videos of YouTube videos are very difficult to get 4,000 hours in maximum time to maximize watch time. Upload to the channel as soon as the videos are uploaded, the watch time will increase as soon as possible and upload the video as soon as you are in the topic trends, this will increase your channel’s watch time.

5. youtube analytics

To increase the watch time of your channel, youtube analytics is a great option to increase the watch time of your channel. Now you have to do much more to use YouTube analytics. Now let’s find out from YouTube analytics by visiting your YouTube channel.

What topics come to your YouTube channel for people to see and make their YouTube videos according to them as well as analyze that the people who come to YouTube on your search will search on your YouTube channel Come and create your videos on those keywords

6. Quality content

The best and best way to increase watch time on the YouTube channel is Quality content. Now you can put your videos on your YouTube channel with full focus and best show your content to the logo when viewers like your video, And also watch other videos, which will increase watch time of your YouTube channel

7. Playlist and cards

You must use cards in every video of your YouTube channel, which enables viewers to easily access video from one video to another and increase the watch time of your YouTube channel, along with some of the videos in your YouTube channel’s playlist. Mention is also to make viewers view all the videos in your channel, doing so will increase the watch time of your channel and will increase very fast.

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