How to Handle WooCommerce Pre-Orders Effectively

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Do you want to pre-order products in your WooCommercewebshop? You can do this with products that still have to be released or products that are temporarily out of stock, with the free plugin YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce. There is also a (more extensive) premium plugin for pre-orders.

You can easily mark products in WooCommerce as “pre-order” and give them a certain stock. If you have ordered a product, for example, but the product is not yet inside, you can set the stock so that you can sell the product before you get it.

WooCommerce Pre-orders (free)

With the YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce plugin, an extra checkbox will be added to your products in WooCommerce. If you tick this checkbox “Pre-Order”, the product will get a different order button than other products. For example “Pre-order now”.


The image above shows how that looks. The beauty is that this not only works for the products themselves, but also for the different variations of a product. You can switch Pre-order on or off for each variation.

WooCommerce Pre-orders (premium)

There is also a premium plugin for setting pre-orders. This WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin costs $ 129 for one website, $ 199 for use on five websites and $ 299 for use on 25 websites. The plugin is slightly more extensive than the free version of YITH.

You can set the pre-orders exactly as you wish. This way you can immediately pre-order checkout or allow customers to pay as soon as the product is available again. If you use a payment gateway that supports this, you can even have the amount automatically debited to the customer as soon as the product has been released. The customer does not have to return to your webshop to pay, because the amount is automatically debited from his or her account or credit card.


With the  WooCommerce Pre-Orders plugin, you can set a date and time for when the product becomes available. This way your customers know exactly how long they have to wait for their order. It is also possible to automatically send e-mails to all customers who have ordered a product as a pre-order so that you can keep them informed of their order.

You can also charge an extra fee to customers for placing pre-orders, although I would not do this myself. You can also adjust the “Shopping basket” button for pre-orders. The different settings of this plugin can be seen in the screenshot below:


You have two options for payments: you can have customers pay directly when ordering, or only when the product is available again. That first option works the same as any other WooCommerce payment.

The second option – where a customer only pays once the product is available – works slightly differently. If the chosen payment method supports it, you can have the amount debited automatically (for example from your customer’s credit card). If this is not possible the customer will receive an e-mail to send them to the payment page.


You can use a free plugin such as  YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce. This plugin does what it has to do, but it is not very extensive and has few settings to adapt the Pre-order process to your needs. Do you want more settings? Then you can best go for the premium plugin  WooCommerce Pre-Orders.

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