How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found in WordPress?

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Today I will tell you How to Fix Error 404 Page Not Found in WordPress? it displays 404 error page not found shows instead of opening the web page.

404 error show means that the page you are trying to access does not exist on the server of the website.

This error may be something like this:

  • 404 Error
  • 404 Page Not Found
  • HTTP 404 Not Found
  • 404 Not Found
  • The requested URL was not found on this server

404 What is the error? 404 What is the reason for the error show?

The problem of 404 error is mostly on all blogs. After deleting any post or pages on the blog or site, or after changing its permalink (URL), this 404 error page is not found shows if such a URL is not redirected by redirecting to the new URL.

So whenever you delete a post or change it in the permalink, redirect it again and again, because search engine ( Google, Yandex, Bing etc.) continues to crawl and index it, and even posts that are web does not exist on the server.

It may take a lot of time to remove such post or pages from the search engine itself. Therefore redirecting deleted products to another page such as on your homepage is a good idea.

After changing the permalink of your old blog posts or pages, if the old link also exists in the posts of your own blog (which is called the internal link ), then 404 error shows. Such a lot of such Condition Dead Links or broken links to remove one at a time or It is very difficult to improve.

The best solution is that Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools), or WordPress Redirection Plugin give redirect on help from old posts or pages of all broken links to new permalinks (URL).

Does 404 Really Affect SEO on SEO?

404 error is not directly impacted on SEO, but if there is a long 404 error on your site then it will definitely hurt your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

Let’s say that some visitors search for a topic in the search engine and the link on your post comes to the front page. He clicks that link to read that post, but after clicking on that link, the page which opens, does not get any information, but 404 error shows.

In such a situation, visitors will leave your site and go to another site and they may not come back to your site again. If the number of such broken links or dead links is too high on your site (which shows 404 error) then the site or blog’s bounce rate will be increased which is not good for SEO.

This also reduces the traffic of sites. So you should fix 404 error shortly. 404 error is also shown due to SSL Certificate incorrectly configured.

Below is the name of some websites that can detect online dead link or broken link 404 error.

404 Error Page not Found How To Fix In WordPress Blog?

To remove 404 error from WordPress blog, follow the steps given below:

Step 1 :

First, go to your WordPress dashboard by logging in.

Step 2 :

To redirect the 404 error page URL, the redirection plugin must be installed.

  1. Click on plugins.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Search by typing Redirection in the Plugin search box.
  4. Install and activate the redirection plugin

Step 3 :

  1. Click on SEO in Yoast SEO plugin.
  2. Click on Search Console.

The page of the Search Console will now be opened, which will show all the errors in your blog. There are several such errors in this page that do not need to be redirected, just fix it as Mark as. Due to the permalink errors, redirect them to mark as fixed. Let me explain how the error is redirected.

Step 4 :

1. Click on the tool
2. Click on redirection.

Step 5 :

Now the page of the redirection plugin will open. Scroll down to Add new redirection.

  1. Copy the URL of the errors that were being shown in the page with Search Console and paste it into the field containing the Source URL.
  2. Errors that URL to redirect to the new post or page (or bring him), Target URL in the field of a new post or give the URL of the page fill.
  3. Select redirections in the Group option.
  4. Click Add Redirection.

Step 6 :

Now go to the search console page and fix the URL with the error that has been redirected to Mark as Fix.

If the number of 404 error is too high, after redirecting the URL containing the error one by one, you can fix as Mark as one at a time.

This way you can fix 404 error page not found by redirecting it easily.

You should regularly keep trying to check your blog’s 404 error. This will not cause a bad effect on your SEO.

Hopefully, you’ve got a better understanding of how to fix 404 error page not found in the WordPress blog. If there are any questions, please comment me.


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