How To Fix Adsense Ad Code – 403 (Forbidden) Error 2018

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It is very difficult to get a Google Adsense account nowadays, but you know it is even more difficult when  AdSense 403 Forbidden error is encountered. It is a major headache to solve this problem.

In this post, I will tell you the steps to solve this problem.

When does AdSense 403 Forbidden Error occur?

403 Forbidden error is mostly for new AdSense users. The users who previously rejected the application of AdSense and then approve it again after re-applying, have their error in their account. You will receive an Adsense approval message in the email that says “Your account has been approved and ads will live within few hours”.

Even after 48 hours, they do not see the ads. There appears blank ad. If you own Website Right Clicking -> Inspect -> Console and then check to 403 Forbidden error can notice.

 Why does AdSense 403 become Forbidden error ?

This is a technical error on an Adsense server. Actually, when your application was rejected before, Adsense crawlers were instructed not to show ads on the website. But you applied again and this time your account was approved, but perhaps by now, Adsense crawlers will show ads Has not been instructed for.

AdSense 403 Forbidden Error , how to fix to ?

1) Check Adsense Code:

First of all, you should check that the AdSense code is exactly the one that was created when creating Adsense account. You  will find the AdSense code on right-clicking -> view page source (Ctrl + U) . An HTML page will open. Now use the find option and check whether the AdSense code is the same or not.

2) Adsense account for your website Add to

Go to your Adsense account and click on the   Gear icon -> Settings -> My sites -> Manage sites and add your website. Click on the three dots icon and select the authorization and check that ” Only Authorize my verified sites to use my ad code ” is off.

3) Check your hosting service :

Many hosting services, such as Namecheap, apply a mod rule to them, if you tell them about this issue, they will whitelist your domain.

4) Turn off Cloudflare Rocketscript:

If your website uses CloudFlare, then switch off Rocketscript because Rocketscript does not allow the AdSense code to be displayed.

Go to CloudFlare account, then go to the Speed ​​tab and do not check if Rocket Loader is off. If off, then turn off

5) Adsense forum to Report to

You can also report in the Google Adsense Forum. There you start a new thread for this issue. So experts could check that there is no other problem in your site.

6) Adsense troubleshooter Use:

Visit the Adsense Troubleshooter and fill out the questions that are asked. So that you could file a ticket. AdSense Officer will direct you via email. Now they will manually approve your account by checking your issue. You will see ads displayed on your site within 24 hours of being approved.

Some genius will go straight to 6th step.

But I will tell you to let you Directly 6 Th Why will not the step.

The first 5 steps are common steps that AdSense experts follow to resolve any issue.

If you do a direct ticket file and Adsense officer will explain the whole issue, then they will ask you to do the same 5 steps one by one. These will take many hours.

Bringing its so hard traffic to your silly ideas why because the waste would want to?

Go to 6 steps only after the 5 steps are completed.

Hopefully, you will follow steps by step and 403 Forbidden Error issue will solve.

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