How to Easily Earn Money Using Quora?

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Like everybody, in general, knows about Facebook, everyone knows about Blogger Quora. Website traffic is the best Quora yet to generate money to generate and sell an affiliate product. But we will not know how to make money from an affiliate or gain traffic. Today we will talk about the Quora Advertising program, how about the monetization program, Quora online can be a good way to earn money.

Between English bloggers, considered the best platform for monetization, the AdSense network does not think of any other monetization program other than this. But Quora is a platform where you get more traffic from blogs on a relevant answer as if you are seeing in Figure no.1. Before knowing about Quora Partner program, know about it,

Figure No. 1- Post views

What is Quora?

This is a Question-Answer website and it is the world’s 81st most popular website. According to the report of Ahrefs latest, Quora ranked 7 million and more than 20 million organic keywords on Google.

There are more than 1.23 million Organic Traffic and accordingly, the value of the traffic is 5.33 million UDS, which is much more than the thought of a blogger. Until recently it was only a normal community where no one could ask any type of question and anybody can answer any question.

Quora Community will get an answer to each question that is about to ask questions. Here you will find answers about everything from Technology to Finance, Healthcare to Medicine, and whatever subject you can think about.

Quora was first public for 2009 and two people who made it are Adam D’Angelo, Charlie Cheever, both of whom were first working on Facebook. Like all the world’s most populous computer science companies, this is also America based company.

Benefits of Quora:

This website is beneficial for every person who wants to know the answer or opinion of different people on any one question. We are talking about its income partner program so we will know about its benefits according to the blogger.

Blog Branding:

If you are a business then you can get it to millions of people and give information about your brand, which will increase your brand’s popularity and increase your online reputation.

Unlimited Website Traffic:

Quora has more than 200 million unique visitors, every month and the biggest concern of this traffic is that it does not own the Quora website itself, this is the traffic, on the question-answer of the logos, if you also write a better answer So you will find monthly millions of visitors on your website.

Sell Product:

If you have ever opened this website then you should have seen that many product reviews are shared within 19 languages ​​of the world, under which the product has a buy link under its review. In this way, many affiliate marketers and companies sell their product.

Services Promotion:

For many such companies and bloggers who provide services like web development, SEO, designing, video making, Quora is the best platform for lead generation because it ranks first with rich answer feature on Google and when customers If you search on any company such as best CRM development company in India, then they get quora first.

How to Join Quora

If your account is not created on Quora yet, then you are not eligible for Quora monetization partner program so you must first create your account on Quora,

No signup option will be available here to create an account. Only one user can log in to it in 2 ways.

Anyone who has both of these accounts can log in to it using anyone and create a profile.

What is the Quora Partner Program?

Quora-partner-income report

This is a kind of monetization program like all of the other on the Ad Network. Just like in the way we can apply for AdSense only after having a blog, YouTube or Mobile App, the user must have a Quora account to join this partner program.

Now the revenue monetization feature is not open for all Quora members, the main reason is that there is no form or link to apply for it. This program has been started in a hurry.

Therefore, the Quora team wants to be given only to the same member who is fully worth it. Therefore, this member is being sent by mail invitation.

If you have to connect with this program, you have to improve it on your Quora account and you can create these tips.

  • After creating the account, you update with Clear profile picture.
  • Tell about your experience and knowledge in Bio and write the correct answer to whatever profile is asked.
  • On Quora, everybody wrote a question that answers you well and tries not to copy from the content that is original.
  • Never put a link in the answer that is not needed.
  • Along with the answer, you will also question but do not question too much.
  • Create a blog and share it with your experience.

Friends, if you follow these tips properly, then at some time you will get thousands of views on your answer and question, and after some days you will come to the Quora team and you will be able to monetize with Quora Partner program Will get a chance. If you have any questions or suggestions, then you must make a comment.

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  1. Bhupender says

    I didn’t knew that we can earn from quora, but it is quite interesting. Keep sharing the information like this
    Thanks to the author

  2. ganesh says

    I never thought of earning money from Quora. Although I regularly answered on Quora but never came with that thought. Thank you for telling.

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