How to Display Social Media Sharing Buttons in WordPress: Top 5 plugins

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Hello, As we know, social media can help us a lot if we want to expose more traffic to our blog posts as well as on our blog posts. This is only possible if we can do social media marketing well.

Let’s talk about it now just deep level Social media marketing.

If we want to get traffic from social media, then our first step should be to put social media sharing icons on our blog, which can help people to share our blog posts on social media in just a few seconds.

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If you are a blogger or webmaster who is using a WordPress blogging platform then it would be very easy to add social sharing icons to any of your blog posts because many plugins for WordPress for social media icons are available in WordPress’s official plugin directory. are available.

Today we will learn about some of the best plugins in this blog post that you will be able to display and activate in your WordPress blog, display social media sharing icons at the end of your blog posts or many more.

So you can easily increase your readers’ social media engagement in this way and will also increase the traffic of your blog directly.

Top 5 WordPress Social Media Sharing Plugins

So we have chosen Top 5 plugins for you, which are very popular in the sentence, popular and easy to embed.

If you are in a hurry and you need some plug-in immediately, then simply click on any of these five plugins and install it, because the five pancakes are very good

  1. SumoMe

This is a great plugin. It is very easy to use and add to your blog. All you have to do is create an account and then log in to it.

You have to add your blog to it again. Now you can add SumoMe’s code to multiple ways in your blog and that too just in a click. For example, install WordPress click on the WordPress icon, it is shown in the screenshot below.

SumoMe is so special because you can extend its features as much as you want by adding multiple add-ons to its plugins store. It is also shown in the screenshot below.

Download SumoMe

2. Floating social media sharing plugin

This plugin is a great solution to add floating social media buttons containing counters.

By using this plugin, you can add social media buttons to both your desktop and mobile site.

This plugin supports all popular social media buttons with counters, and you can enable and disable any of these placements.

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This plugin also provides the WhatsApp sharing button for mobile which makes mobile sharing engagement even more intense. This plugin has been made available only by the team of ShoutMeLoud.

Download Floating social media sharing plugin

3. Monarch by Elegant Themes

If you are looking for a paid social media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog, then Monarch is the best one. These plugins are by Elegant Themes and they have done a great job on this.

This plugin does not just allow you to add social media sharing buttons to different places on your blog, but those buttons that you create are meant to increase your social media enunciation.

What I like most about this plugin is that we can add social media buttons to our mobile site as well. For this reason, this is a very recommended plugin for you.

Download Monarch Plugin

4. Ultimate Social Delux

This is also a premium plugin that sells only $ 14 on Codecanyon.

This plugin is a modern plugin. If we look at its features carefully, they look amazing.

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This is a lightweight plugin because it uses light javascript and CSS for social media buttons. This plugin adds responsive social media sharing buttons, which today is a must-have feature in any plugin.

It also helps you to display your social media profiles on your blog via a widget.

Download Ultimate Social Delux 

5. Jetpack sharing

We have already known a lot about this plugin. This is a multiplier offering plugin which offers social media sharing buttons an option to add to your blog.

If you are already using the JetPack plugin, then you just have to share it on the sharing module. By adding bus sharing module, sharing icons will start displaying under your every blog post.

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