How to Develop a Live Cricket Streaming Website in WordPress

Develop Professional Live Cricket Streaming Website in WordPress

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Are you a WordPress Developer or a Sports Lover and want to Develop a Live Cricket Streaming and Scoring website. Then this tutorial is for You. We will guide you How to Develop a Live Cricket Streaming Website by Using WordPress.

WordPress is the most Famous  CMS in the World in Which we can make Beautifull Websites by using different themes and Plugins. By Using Themes we can Design the Website and with different Plugins, we can increase the functionality in WordPress.

Develop a Live Cricket Streaming Website

For Developing a Live Cricket Streaming website like Livesportsbay or ScorpTV. We need a WordPress theme. And two Plugins Called FV Flowplayer Video Player and Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite. After Installing Plugins Lets Talk about their Configuration.

FV Flowplayer Video Player


FV Flowplayer is a Video Player which Supports HTML5 videos Live Streaming in WordPress. You can also use this video Player for Embedding YouTube and Vimeo Videos in Your WordPress Website. For Installation of Video Player, we have to download FV Flowplayer from WordPress directory or Directly install in from our

After Installing Video Player we also need Live Cricket Streaming provider Channels Like PTV Sports or Ten Sports HTML or IPTV link which ends with .m3u8 extension. We will use this link to fetch Live Cricket Streaming on our website.


Let’s talk about FV Flowplayer Video Player.

First of all install FV Flowplayer Video Player from Plugin directory.

After Installing and Activating it You will Find a New tab both in the WordPress dashboard and Settings also. For Setting of FV Flowplayer go in Settings and then Go in FV Player tab. After opening the Setting tab you will find Some Sections Like Setup, Skin, Hosting, Action, Help and Ads.

In Setup Section you can control your Video Payer as you can allow video autoplay. Setup Control bars and Allow other users to Embed Your Live Video on their websites. You can Also find Some more Features in Setup Section of Video Player.

In Skin Section, You can set you Player Skin colour and Player Styles. In Help Section, you can find Help Related to the configuration of video Player. In Ads Section, You can set up Google AdSense Ads on your video.

After Configuration of Video Player, it’s time to add Live Streaming in Video Player. Now Click on FV Player in the WordPress Dashboard. It will Open the Main Dashboard of Media Player. You can find or add Some Media Files Here.

At the First time, you will Find nothing in this Dashboard. Now Click on Add Button and add an IPTV Link (which we have discussed Earlier in Our Article Before) in our file. After adding this link click on save button. Now you can find a file with a Shortcode.

Now add a New Post in WordPress with the name of Live Channel and copy that Shortcode from FV player and Paste it in that Post. After that shortcode Put Some Information about that Channel and Publish that Post. After Publishing the Post you can watch Live Cricket Streaming Channel on your own website.

Now it’s time to Add Live Cricket Scores in You Website. Let’s have a look at the configuration of Live Scores in WordPress.

Adding Live Cricket Scores in WordPress

There are a Lot of ways to add Live Cricket Scores in WordPress Website. We can Embed External Live Scoring Scripts or websites in WordPress. But in this Tutorial, we will use a Plugin Called Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite. This Plugin will do a Live Scoring Job for Us and We will use its free Version in our Tutorial. So, let’s move on the plugin.

Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite

Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite is a Plugin which Provides Live Scores in WordPress. It has both free and Paid versions But in this tutorial, we will work with the free version. So let’s move on its Installation.

First of all, go to the Plugin directory and search the Plugin name. You will find the Plugin there. If not found there then Download Ultimate Live Cricket WordPress Lite here and Upload it in WordPress. After installing, activate the Plugin. After Activating you will find a new tab as Ultimate Live Cricket.

By Clicking on Ultimate Live Cricket it will open its dashboard. In the dashboard, you can set colours according to your website theme. After setting colours click on save.

Now open Pages Section of your website and You will watch Some extra automatically added Pages Like Match Details, Matches, Player Stats and Series.

Now add Series Page in Your website Menu as Live Scores. By Opening this Page you will find all Live, Ongoing and Upcoming Matches Stats in this Pages.


If you are a Sports Lover and an Intermediate WordPress Developer and Want to Develop your Own Live Cricket Streaming website then this tutorial will help you in developing a Live Cricket Streaming website in WordPress. Developing a Live Cricket Streaming website in WordPress is Much Easy and we need to learn the configuration of Plugins. These Plugins will do Job for Us.

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