How to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

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Google Chrome offers a large variety of themes and extensions at its Chrome Web Store for customizing and increasing productivity.  But did you know you could also make your own custom theme with your wallpaper, colour scheme and fonts? Google Chrome is the Most popular browser used by millions of users around the world.

This trick is based on a Google Chrome extension  My Chrome Theme which allows you to customize your theme according to your requirements. Not only this you could also share the themes created by you using My Chrome Theme extension. So just follow the steps listed below create your first custom theme with your own wallpaper.

Steps to Create Your Own Google Chrome Theme

  1. Download the My Chrome Theme extension from Google Chrome Web Store. Simply just click the Add to Chrome button on the upper right of the page. The 2.08 MB chrome extension would be downloaded and installed in your chrome browser.

  1. Launch the app to make your own chrome theme.
  2. Choose an image for background from your computer or you could use webcam option to click one. You could also add effects to your wallpaper or adjust its position.

  1. Adjust the background and various other colour schemes or you could select I’m feeling lucky to automatically select colours for you.

  1. Give your custom-made theme a name and an optional description about it.

  1. Who-hoo you have created your first theme. Now all you have to do is to install this theme by clicking the Install my theme button. You could also share your theme with your friends using Facebook, google plus or via email.

So using these six easy steps you could change your Google chrome from the old boring look to new customized look. Leave your valuable comments and feedback about these cool Google Chrome tweak.

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