How to Compress Blogger Blog Themes Code

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In this post, I am going to give you information related to the blogger Fast Loading, because the speed of the blog is also a Ranking Factor, meaning that your blog’s loading speed is slow, then the search engine of your blog website will be less. Today I’m telling you to create a Fast Loading by compressing the BlogSpot Blog Theme Code HTML, CSS, Javascript so that you can get a high rank in your Blog Search Engines.

To speed up the blogger blog you can compress the CSS, HTML, Javascript and Images file size and reduce the size of the file size. Bloggers who use Blogspot often want to know how to make Blog Fast Loading.

How to compress Blogger HTML, CSS, JavaScript coding? Most of the blogger template’s code file is not optimized, you can manually optimize them in the manner described in this post. Let’s know how to Minify HTML HTML, CSS, JavaScript Coding?

One is a CSS and JavaScript coding that takes more time to search in Theme Coding and minify it, so I am telling you a way out so that you can compress the entire Coding (HTML, CSS, JS) of the blog template/theme simultaneously. Can do

How to Compress Blogger Blog Theme Coding?

Before starting this process, you should definitely take the Theme Backup of your Blogger Blog, if any step gets us wrong, then we can restore the blog theme using Backup Theme. You can read this post for this.

After taking the Blogger Theme Backup, follow this step by step guide.

Step 1:

  1. First, go to your Blogger dashboard and click on Theme option
  2. After that, you have to click on Edit HTML section
  3. After clicking Edit HTML, your blog’s Theme Coding will open. Now you have to copy all this code.

Note: To fully copy the Theme Coding, click anywhere with the mouse in the coding and using the Ctrlcommand so that all the Coding will be selected Now you can copy all coding by pressing the Ctrl + button.

Step 2:

Now go to the  HTML COMPRESSOR  website. In this you will get the option of Drag File and Paste Code, you have to paste the Theme Coding copied in it.

  1. Paste Blogger Theme Code

Note: – After you paste the code, do not click on the compress button. You have to select some more settings now.

Step 3:

  1. In the right side of the compress box, click on the x / HTML drop down menu in the code type option.
  2. After that, select Blogger from the drop-down menu items

Step 4:

  1. Now click on ” Show Options” on the right side of the code type.
  2. Now select the option according to the screenshot given below.

Now click on the Compress button and wait for a while. The file will take some seconds to compress.

Step 5:

After having ThemeCoding Compress, you can see on the right side how much the compression ratio is. Below this you will get the option of Download, you can download Compressed Theme in the XML format by clicking here on the Download.

But you can copy the code from the direct compress toolbox and add it to the theme of your blog.

  1. Copy all the code by clicking on Select all button

Step 6:

After copying the compressed code, you came back to the Blogger Dashboard and click on the theme option.

  1. Blogger Dashboard >> Theme >> Go to Edit HTML
  2. Now remove all the code in the HTML box and   paste the compressed code
  3. After pasting the code, save the setting by clicking on the Save theme

Note: –  You can select all Coding by pressing CtrlA  button and then pressing the  Ctrl + V button to press all coding.

Now you can open your blog and see that it will be faster load than the last time. You can also try using Gtmetrixpingdom and google page speed tool to see that the total Page Size of your Blog Theme has also decreased and Loading Speed has also been boosted.

So it was a Simple Trick. If you want to make Blogspot Theme even faster, please read this post.

Important Note: After compressing the theme, it may be that when you edit the theme code ever, you will not get any code, that is because we have compressed the coding.

If you want to edit Theme Coding, you will have to upload back to Backup Theme again and after editing it will have to be compressed and uploaded to Blog.

So I hope you like this post and this will also add Speed Increase to your Blogspot Blog. If you also want to visit other related posts related to Blogger, then read the posts from our Blogger category.

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  1. Dr VV says

    Nice article …But I am facing one problem while doing compression of html .I am using Viena lite 2 theme when i compressed it and pasted it on my blog ,then dropdown option is not working.How to solve it ??

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