Friends, if you have a good knowledge of blogging and you are thinking of creating a blog, and yet have not been able to decide that the blog can be created by saying, can you create a blog with free hosting in such a similar question In your mind too, today you will read this post carefully because, in today’s post, I will tell you about some popular Free Blog Hosting Sites, which will help you to create a Free Blog.

I will tell you about 5 Best Free Blog Hosting Sites, from where you can create a free blog and take hosting, let’s know.
Free Blog Hosting What Is –
As you all know, what is Hosting but do you know what is Free Hosting Site? If you do not know when you do not understand anything in short. Free Hosting Website is a website that hosts your site, without any money, there are some such websites. Websites of the website, Post is hosted without any money.
By taking Free Hosting we find one in Subdomain Free, with that, also hosting. Where we just buy Custom Domain, if you want to know how to buy a domain, then you can see the video below.
After buying a domain, you have to purchase Web Hosting to host that website. Web hosting costs can vary from 400 to millions per month. Because the cost of different hosting plans is different. But today I will tell you about some of the sites where you can host your website for free.
Top 5 Trusted Free Blog Hosting Sites
Blogger is Google’s Product which provides Free Hosting with Sub Domain, from where you can create your own blog like If you have any talent inside you, if you like writing it, then it is your Very good way to earn money online.
If you want to earn money without spending money, then Blogger is a great option for you. All you have to do is create a blog and put good quality content in it like people will come on your blog, meaning that as the traffic of your blog will increase you can earn money by putting Google Adsense J Aids
If you are looking for such blog hosting sites, from where you can earn online, then you will recommend that you do this once for Blogger. If you want to know how to create a free blog in Blogger then you can read the post by clicking the link below.
#2 is also a very good Blogging Platform. This is a Free Blog Hosting Services. On we can create a blog like Subdomain
WordPress is available in two versions First, Free and Second Paid. You do not need to postpone the first one, and on the other, you need web hosting. As I’ve also said, WordPress is a very good and popular blogging platform that many people or companies use to create their website. 80% of the website that came to the internet is made on WordPress
If you want to make your blog on the welders then you will not have to spend any money. Because it is absolutely free and if you want to create your blog on WordPress.Org you will need Web Hosting for it. There is a lot of company on the internet that provides a very good web hosting provider.
Tumblr is also a Free Blog Hosting Site like Blogger and WordPress. Here you can create your own free blog, its features are very easy to understand, in Tumblr, you will get a free blog with Subdomain if you want to change it in your domain, you can do that too
On Tumble, you can also use the free blog hosting or Traffic Generate as well as create a blog. These three things you can do on Tumblr.
4. Blog
Free Blog Hosting Sites is a popular platform. If you do not want to make money from blogging, then you can create your own blog here with some like In this you can add another domain later, for this you will have to upgrade to the Premium Service. Its Unique Design is slightly different from Free Blog Hosting Platform, which makes it a little special.
5. Weebly
Weebly is also a popular free hosting site. From here you can also apply a Premium Template to Free 2 which makes your blog design attractive. In Weebly, you can earn money by putting advertisements on Google Adsense. This is a very good free blogging platform. Anyone can easily create a blog in it by drag and drop.
Friends, I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 Trusted Free Blog Hosting Sites . Please share this post with your friends.



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