How to Build Quality Backlinks to Your Blog

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Today, we are going to discuss a topic that you have heard about if you have ever wondered if you have ever struggled to rank your website in search engine. Yes. Backlinks SEO is a very important factor in search engine optimization. Backlinks If you do not know about backlinks then click on the link given below to know immediately.

Today I’m going to tell you 2 methods to create backlinks for this especially blogs in this article. Many bloggers spamming their posts to rank in the search engine and build low-quality backlinks.

So the two methods that you are going to tell you today are the same and you can use these methods to bring more traffic to your blog or website to improve your Blog’s search engine rankings.

So these are two methods that allow you to easily build backlinks for your blog.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging means blogging on others’ blogs as a guest. In other words, when you publish your article on another blog, it is called Guest Blogging. Now if you are writing an article to any blogger for free, that blogger can give you one or more backlinks to your website or blog in the same article in return or from any other article in your blog. This way you can easily blog by making guest blogging.

Now it’s not that easy too. Before that, you had to make contact with some good bloggers. Not every blogger gives you permission to publish a guest post on your blog. So first you have to find blogs that are related to your niche and guest posting allow.

After that, you can request them that you want to publish a blog post on their blog and they will give you a backlink for your blog in return.

It is better to write lower quality articles on many low-quality blogs by doing guest posting and write high-quality articles and post them on high-quality blogs only. The more high-quality sites you refer to by linking, the more you will be benefitted in the search engine rankings, ie, in the traffic.

Social Media Sharing

You may have seen on many websites that bloggers put social sharing icons on the side of articles, middle, bottom and different places, clicking on which articles you share with others through your social media profiles in a few seconds. can do. Apart from this, there is a traffic benefit to this blog, apart from this, it also goes backlink from the social media site. Backlinks from Social Media are also quite valuable and this gives you considerable search engine ranking boost. (This is my personal experience too)

Now for that, you have to promote Social Media Sharing and for that, you have to impress your readers and engage in your blog. For this, I can only say that write a good content and write useful content. Do something that readers think, share your articles. Apart from this, you can use social media sharing icons at the bottom of your post or at different locations. If you are a WordPress user then you will find lots of plugins to add social media sharing icons.

So these were two great methods of getting backlinks for your blog. By the way, backlinks do not do so many things nowadays that the quality of your content matters, always try first that the best content is written. If you ask me what are the thoughts about my backlinks, then my answer is:

Yes, I believe that backlinks contribute to the best search engine ranking but the most important factor is your content. Instead of building backlinks I always spend my time writing quality content.

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