How to Block Adult Websites on your Computer

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If you use the internet then obviously you have Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. You may also use any of the search engines and never have encountered conflicts with your bad content websites. If your age is less than 18 years then you do not need to see all this, and little kids do not even have to. That’s why I am telling you this way in this article that you can easily block or filter bad websites on Computer, Laptop, Mobile.

It is not appropriate for anybody to use such bad websites and for the young boys, not at all. If you have an internet connection in your house then it is very important to block all such sites so that any family members and your children who have the security of children cannot run unsolicited websites in your PC or mobile.

After blocking bad websites, you will not be afraid of the home when you go to the office, that your children use the net in your house, in this way it will also remove the problem of your home.

How to Block and Filter Bad Websites from Computer

I am telling you several different methods of blocking bad websites here, you can block or filter bad websites from your PC by following the process or way.

1. Google Safe Search:

The most searched Google search engine is used to search anything on the Internet, so I am telling the first thing about it. You can easily block bad websites by going to google search settings.

    1. First, you go to

google search settings

    1. . If you want to open direct site and open

Settings >> Search Settings 

    in the bottom navigation.
  1. Now you will see the option of Safe Search Filters, enable the Turn on SafeSearch option.

After that, scroll down the page and save on the Save settings. After enabling the SafeSearch option, bad images will be blocked from search results from your browser. Only the content of every type will get worse content from your search results.

All that will be filtered from a google search, which is not suitable for children, and in such a small amount of content will appear in the browser. I mean Google will not block websites with 100% bad content but more than 80% of sites will be blocked.

But there is still a problem that this option can unblock the person holding any basic information. Any 12 years old child will do it, so I tell you the solution too.

Actually, you can also lock after SafeSearch is enabled. After that nobody can disable the safe search without your password.

Click on Step 2 Lock SafeSearch as described in the screenshot above. After clicking, you have to add the password to your Gmail account and then save the setting.

Now Safe Search will continue until you turn it off, it will require your Gmail password to turn off that will only be known to you. This means that no one except you can deactivate this safe search without a password.

If you ever want to know whether SafeSearch is active in your browser or you do not need to go to google search settings, you can easily find this by opening the browser. When Safe Search is enabled, the colourful balls will appear on the browser right side screen.

2. Bing Safe Search:

Like the google safe search, Bing search engine also has the option of blocking and filtering bad websites. Let me tell you its steps too.

  1. Visit the First Bing Safe Search settings.
  2. Now at the top, you will get the option of SafeSearch, select Filter on text, images, and videos from your search results on the Strict button.
  3. Click save on Save.

After enabling safe search in Google’s reverse search engine, bing search will block 100% of websites with bad content. This means that when you search useless keywords in Bing search engine you will get 0 results.

Google just filters bad content, but being complete blocks blocking content. That’s why bing is better than google here. But there are differences between the privacy of Google and being here too.

3. Download and Install Windows Family Safety Software:

There is so many security software in today’s time that you can easily secure your home PC. This software should be installed on every computer you want to protect.

If I talk about security for family security, then Windows Live Family Safety software is the best. The best thing is absolutely free.

These will monitor the use of children on the internet that follow the settings you have set. You can use this software in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other in all windows. This software is available for all windows.

These windows are already installed, so before downloading family safety software, once you go to windows all programs, you can see that they are not already installed.

Apart from this, you can also use Stop Progressing App, Net Nanny and many security software.

4. Control Searching with OpenDNS:

If you want to know what is searched on your computer and what is done on the internet, you can filter it using OpenDNS.

This software is also used in schools and government offices. The best part is that a free version of this software is also available.

You have to go to the website and sign up and create an account after that you can add your IP address to it and set the filter performance.

5. Windows Hosts:

You can modify the windows hosts file on your computer or laptop by blocking the bad websites’ URLs in the host file and blocking the sites.

For this, you follow these steps. In this way, you can block any or all of the websites from your computer.

Step 1:

  1. Open the Windows C folder.
  2. Now  open WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC folder. If you wish, you can open the hosts folder by direct ” C: \ WINDOWS \ SYSTEM32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC ” from windows run method .
  3. Now double click the hosts file with notepad.

Step 2:

Now that the popup file will open, you will see a file of ” # localhost” or “# :: 1 localhost ” in the last .

At the end of this file, you have to add the URL of all the bad websites that you want to block.

Just remember the site link before you add You can see these screenshot for an example.

This way you can block all the bad websites in the hosts file that you want to block from your PC. These are the best and easiest ways of blocking any site.

Although it can not be stopped altogether, but by following the methods described in this article, you can avoid a large number of bad websites.

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