How To Backup WordPress Blogs Without Plugin

Hello friends, Today in this article, we will learn how to backup the WordPress blog and restore without a plugin. With the help of the Updraftplus plugin, backing up and restoring  WordPress blogs we already know. Recently, one of our readers asked how to get a blog without the backup of WordPress blog. Backup of WordPress Blog You can also download from Cpanel.

How to Get Plugin Without WordPress Blog’s Backup?

Step – 1  

  • Login to your web hosting’s Cpanel
  • Click on the backup wizard in the files

Step – 2

  • Now click on Backup

Step – 3 

  •  Download Partial Backup one by one

Click on Home Directory

Step – 4 

  •        Click on Home Directory     

Step – 5 

  • Click on download file, home directory will be backup download.
  • Similarly, download all three

Note – If you want to change the web hosting then just take the backup to choose another way, just like another way above.

How to restore without a plugin?

Step – 1 

  • Cpanel login
  • Click on the backup wizard
  • Click Restore

Step – 2 

Step – 3 

  • Upload backup file from your computer here.

Conclusion –

Now you can download and restore your WordPress blog without the help of backup cpanel. If you like the information, then share it with your friends on social media. Please comment below if you have any questions related to this article.


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