How to Back Up Your Entire Blogspot Blog

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BlogSpot or Blogger comes in all the top blogging platforms when we talk about free blogs but there are lots of limitations too.

One of the biggest limitations is that Google has control of your blog. Google has the right to delete your blog at any time. Generally, Google only deletes your blog when you do some kind of spamming, using your blog or abusing their Terms of Conditions. The only reason I suspect is that instead of Blogger, everyone advised creating a WordPress blog (self-hosted).

One of the things that you can do, as well as following BlogSpot’s guideline, is to take regular backup of your BlogSpot blog. With this, you can make sure that if you have something bad about your blog in the future, you can always restore all your blog’s data and posts.

Easy Guide: How to backup your Blogger blog?

Any BlogSpot blogger can take a backup of his blogspot posts, comments and pages, using Blogger’s export feature. A backup will be completed in .xml format and you can also restore it to your local desktop. But the sad thing is that it is a manual process and you have to regularly back up your blog. It is recommended that you do this work every week or every month.

Simply, go to Settings in the Blogger Dashboard and then go to Other. There you will find the option of Export blog at the top. Click it.

After that you will have the option of Download Blog, simply click on it and your blog will be downloaded in the .xml file. Keep this file safe for you.

Whenever you find it difficult, you will be able to restore it to your blog successfully by importing it to your new Blogger Platform.

One great idea here is that you keep getting backup of your customized BlogSpot Template at regular interval. This will solve your two big problems:

If your blog ever gets deleted, then you have a complete backup of your blog’s theme.

If you are playing with the code of your theme any time and you get a bit upside down, you will never be able to restore original template again from your template’s backup files.

I also recommend that you also keep your backup files in an online storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox so that they can be accessed anywhere. Tell me what method are you using to keep your blog back?

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