How to Avoid Google Adsense Account Disabled

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Due to its arbitrage, many ads of Google Adsense account are disabled. So today we will learn about his true authenticity. About Adsense, all those people who are bloggers and those who are connected to the internet will be known. Those who do not know and want to know about it, then what is Google Adsense and how it works, read from this website, you will find information related to it. As you may know, today I am going to give some insights on Adsense, so I am sharing some knowledge about Adsense so that you will not have any problem understanding this article further.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a product of Google that allows bloggers to show contextual ads on their website. This is the fastest way to earn money online. It is also very easy to use and Adsense offers higher quality advertisements, which has resulted in Adsense being considered as a very powerful product. Many people are earning money in thousands of dollars through Adsense only.

Once you get approval from Google Adsense, then you only have to add lines of code to your website, after that Adsense will start working on your own and ads will appear in your website. These ads will appear on your site. Will also be seen. And whenever your visitors click on those ads, you will start getting money.

This was some information about Adsense, we will know what we should not do after account approval in Google Adsense. After getting account approval in Google Adsense, bloggers make many such mistakes, which in turn cause them to ban Google’s account. As I already said, Adsense is a Google product and has to follow many rules and regulations to join Google, if we do not follow it then obviously Google will shut down our account.

Once your account is closed in Google Adsense, you will not receive ads’ money and it will be very difficult to create your account again as Google will not allow you to get it soon. And many websites come from Adsense earning only. So if you do not want Google to shut down your account due to any of your small mistakes, then follow some given points and earn a lot of money from Adsense.

What to Do after Google Account Ads are Approve?

Before using anything, you need to know all about it. That’s why you did not forget to read Adsense program policies first . By reading the points given below, you can prevent the Google Adsense account from being disabled.

1) First of all, you do not click on Ads of your website in the greed of money itself and click on your friends, by doing so, Google detects such fake clicks and closes your account immediately. If you do not have greed, then you should stay away from this force and then you will be very freed, or you will suffer loss only.

2) Do not ever put ads on your heading where ads are written in click here or click to download Google will also close your account. It is up to you to decide where to show ads in your website, so think carefully to keep your ads in the right place, you can place ads in the middle of your article, or according to the design of your page. Can also keep

3) Your website’s single page should have at most 3 ads units, if you keep ads, then your account may be blocked. You can put 3 content unit and 3 link unit in one page.

4) Do not place adsense ads in your website as a pop-up box, it is against Google’s rules.

5) Post new and most different content and post your own images in your website. If you keep your website in a copy, content or image copied from anywhere, there may be a risk of closing your Adsense account.

6) Google has not approve all the languages present in the world for Adsense. If the language of your blog or website is not in that list, then your account will be disabled.

So this was some tips that could prevent you from making a mistake and closing your Adsense account . It is as easy as losing an opportunity to get an approval to make an account in Google Adsense by losing your mistakes. Google is very strict about your terms and policies, so you have to take care of all those rules that you read and click when you are an account manager and you will have to try and not to break their rules but to play them.

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