How To Apply For Google AdSense and Actually Get Approved

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New Blogger Here learns how to advertise Google Adsense for your website and Google’s website to earn online. This article is very special for those wishing to start their own business at home, so read it carefully –

Learn about Google AdSense Account

With the help of Google AdSense, you can earn a good income by making your website. Google AdSense-powered Google AdSense is an online service where earnings are earned with the help of ads.

Any person or company can apply on Google AdSense by creating their own website. After this, Google will apologize to Google AdSense by checking your website thoroughly.

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After this, you will need to take codes of ads from Google AdSense and put it on your website. By applying codes, ads will appear on your website and the number of Clicks and Views on these ads will be the amount of income.

Requirements before applying to Google AdSense

People who are new to this field are very curious about them. They do not wait and they want to earn soon so that’s why they apply on Google AdSense without thinking. Now Google AdSense rejects their application, then they have to face bigger problems. Therefore, before applying on Google AdSense, keep an eye on these things –

1. Your website should have 30 quality articles
2. Do not copy articles of others on the website at all
3. Visit 500 to 1000 visitors every day on the website
4. Navigation of the website is correct and good
5. Website Fully Mobile Friendly be if

these things in mind, so you can Apply to Google AdSense Google, will ever make will not reject the Application your and Approval 100% |

How To Apply For Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved

Here we explain to you the full process of applying step-by-step Adsense and will teach you in a very easy way that applies Googles AdSense Account

Step 1 – Search on Google, “Google Adsense” and click on the website at the top,
or you can go straight to the website of Adsense by clicking here => Google Adsense 

Step 2 – Now here you will find SIGN UP NOW Click on the button

Step 3 – Now you have to sign in with your Gmail ID and if you do not have a Gmail ID, then you will have to create your Gmail ID by clicking Create Account.

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According to the picture, click on Sign in and log in by filling in your Gmail ID and password.

Step 4 – Now you have filled your website details.
1. Fill your website name (
2. Choose the language of your website; If your content is in English then choose English and Hindi is Hindi. select Take
Now click on Save and Continue.

Step 5 – Now here you have filled your Contact Details and note that all the details are original and correct.
1. Choose your country.
2. Choose your time zone, if you are from India then choose +5: 30
3. Your Account Select Type if you are taking Adsense for personal use, then select Individual and if you are a company then choose Business, we recommend that you choose Individual
4. Fill in your name in Payee Name and this is the name Your Bank Detail should be, Google will send the same name
5. Let it fill your Address
6k Give the name of the City (City)
7. Select your State (State)
8. Choose Pincode your area
9. Fill in your name in the Contact Name and check the name of your name correctly
10. Please fill in your phone number
11. You are being asked about where you are going to know about Adsense, Also select option
12. In Email Preference, you have to select Yes from all
13. Now, let’s click on Submit my application.

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Thus the entire process of creating your Google Adsense Account has ended. You have now applied on Google Adsense.

Step 6 – You will receive a mail from the Gmail ID you applied to Google Adsense. Where you have to click on the Get started now button.

Step 7 – Now Google will give you a Page Level Ads code that you have to copy and paste on your website. Copy the code according to the image and paste this code just after the <head> tag in your website.

Step 8 – After putting this code on your website, Google will now check your website and if your website looks correct on Google Adsense, Google Adsense will send you the mail of Approval within 2 to 3 days.

Step 9 – When your Google Adsense account is fully approved, you will be notified through a mail.


How to code for Google Adsense

When you are approving the Google Adsense Account, now you have to place an ads code on your website that can show ads on your website and start your income.

Step 1 – Login to your Adsense account
1. Go to Menu and click on my ads option
2. Now click on New ad unit here.

Step 2 – Here you will see many types of ads, you can click on the option of Text & Display Ads

Step 3 – Now you name your ads here (name can be anything you like – Header Code etc) and click on Save and get code button

Step 4 – Now you will get a code that you have to copy and paste on your website. Advertisements will start showing on the website where you paste the code.

In this way, your income will start.

One Advice For New People – Friends, getting approval on Google Adsense is becoming increasingly difficult every day. Google is already making Strict its policy, so you need to pay a little attention and yes, do not hurry at all as Google Adsense rejects your application if your image becomes negative in Google’s eyes.

Write a good article and pay special attention to enhancing the visitor on the website, you will get a Google Adsense Account very easily. If you have any questions, you can ask us by commenting.

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