How to Allow Users to Delete their WordPress Accounts

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As a webmaster, you bear responsibility for the personal details of your users. From 25 May you are therefore obliged to comply with the new European general data protection regulation (AVG). So make sure that your users can delete their own WordPress account. In this article, you can read how you can have users delete their own WordPress account. Visitors who want to use certain online services usually have to register. This often occurs with subscriptions, web shops and blogs where users can comment. However, there are two main reasons why users should be able to delete their own WordPress account and personal data themselves:
  • Comply with the AVG guidelines, also known as ‘GDPR’ 
  • Pass on privacy sensitive users
In most cases, users must contact the webmaster via a contact form and ask for their own personal data or WordPress account to be removed. In this article, you will learn how you can have users delete their own WordPress account.

Allow users to delete their own WordPress account

With the Delete Me plug-in, you can have users delete their own WordPress account. After you have activated the plugin, go to  Settings> Delete Me and you can configure the settings.
Select which user roles are offered and click  Save Changes . In the Delete Me Settings you can also adjust the link styling and attached information that users see before they permanently delete their WordPress account. If you leave the standard changes unchanged, users are automatically redirected to the home page when they have completed the process. You can also test it yourself by switching to a user account. Log in and go to the Profile page. You will now see a ” Delete Account ” hyperlink.
When you click on the link, you will see a warning message. If you then click further, their account and placed content will be permanently deleted.

Users have their own WordPress account deleted on a Custom User Profile Page

When users use a custom user profile page, you can add a ” Delete Account ” button with a shortcode:
1 [plugin_delete_me]Delete Your Account[/plugin_delete_me]
Note : When a user clicks the button, all published content will be removed. Make sure that your warning message is clearly and visibly displayed. As admin you can only recover data if you have not (yet) permanently removed it from the trash

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