How to Add Social Login Plugin in WordPress Website

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In this time it is a rarity that someone does not have a social media account. Almost everyone has at least one or more accounts on popular social networks, including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WordPress. The purpose of having these accounts is now not limited to their own domain. Instead, they can also be used to authenticate the user on other platforms.

Having too many accounts is beneficial for the growth of the community. In general, the WordPress website allows users to create a new account to communicate with the audience of the website via comments, reviews or guest post. But creating a separate account for each website is a major problem for all users. Fortunately, to address this issue, the WordPress community has introduced the Social Media OAuth sign-in feature that authorizes individual social media to log into any WordPress website. Most of us are already familiar with the concept, because we use social media accounts such as Facebook and Google+ to log in to various mobile applications and web applications such as Soundcloud, Uber and FoodPanda etc.

Social Media login, sometimes called  Social Sign-in, is a one-time login option that uses your existing login information from a social network site, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, etc. You can use the login to sign -in a website of a third party instead of a new account to make that particular site.

I use the Super Socializer plug-in for this self-study. The best part of this plug-in is that it is an open source project with an extensive user manual and frequently asked questions. However, you can choose one of the plug-ins that you might like, the plug-ins repository is huge, to say the least. You can also use one of these social plug-ins.

Now, here is what you need to do to use Social Sign-in on your WordPress or BuddyPress installation.

Step 1: Install WordPress Social Login Plugin

  • log  in to your  WordPress administrator dashboard
  • Navigate to  Plug-ins> Add new
  • Search from top right for  ”  WordPress Social login”
  • Click on  ”  Install now”  as in the image below
  • After installing, click on  ”  Activate plugin”

Step 2: Configure WordPress Social login

Navigate to  side menu  > click on  Super Socializer  >  Social Login

You see a list of social networks from which visitors to your site can register.

Step 3: Enable social networks

Configure WordPress Social login with Facebook.

To configure, you must specify  ”  Facebook App ID”  and  ”  Facebook App Secret”.

You can follow the steps by clicking on the question mark to find out more about your application ID and application secret key. For example, I will illustrate how you can extract your application ID and application memory key for Facebook.

For your  ”  Application ID    and  ”  Application Secret Key  to get to Facebook, you must log into your Facebook account and to the part of the developer go.

Now click on  “Add a new app  .

Fill in the pop-up form with your details.

You see a list of Facebook products, hovering over  “Facebook login”  and click  “Set up”.

Then choose  ‘  Web    from available platforms.

Enter the URL of your WordPress site. Click  Save, ignore further configuration and step into the  App Review in the top left corner.

Now we have to make this app publicly available. Get it to yes.

Then go to the dashboard from the top left corner. There you will find the application ID  and application secret.

Copy and paste them into the plug-in.

Click on  ”  Save Settings    at the end of the page.

Open your website. Click on  Log in.

You see something like this.

Click on  ”  Facebook Icon    and log in to your website via your Facebook account. WordPress plug-in for social registration by default assigns the  “subscriber” role to every new login attempt made through the plug-in.

Click on “for Gmail and Twitter”? “And follow the on-screen instructions to get”  Application ID  “and”  Application Secret  “.

PS  The steps may differ slightly because social networks often change their directions.

You have now finished simplifying your login options for your website. With the help of the social registration function, you can log in to your site using already verified login data. This saves you a lot of time. Adding the ability for users to log in to your BuddyPress installation or another membership-based site through a social site can speed up the registration process.

With this tutorial, you can successfully install WordPress Social login plug-in on your WordPress installation.

Integrating social media login is becoming more popular every day for obvious reasons. Website administrators can guarantee the credibility of the user and possibly check spam registrations. On the other hand, users also find it easier to easily log in without going through a complete registration process. If you have trouble setting up, you can ask in the Comments section below.

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